Fintech Alcohol Management and CSRA

Helping restaurants and bars stay safe and stay compliant with affordable alcohol invoice payment and invoice data solutions.

Fintech is helping members of restaurant and lodging associations succeed during these challenging times. As your members focus on getting back to business. 

Automate your way to improved alcohol margins.

Get more than just payments, gain peace of mind. Fintech has been supporting the beverage alcohol industry for more than 30 years, automating alcohol invoice payments and compliance. For the cost of less than a case of bar limes, not only does Fintech offer retailers the option to pay their alcohol vendors via contactless electronic payments, but Fintech users are also able to:

  • View all alcohol invoices online, broken down by line item
  • Monitor bank activity for daily insight into upcoming debits and credits for quicker reconciliation
  • Integrate line-item invoice data directly into their back-office or accounting system (we integrate with QuickBooks Online, Restaurant365, BirchStreet Systems, and much more!)
  • Request and receive credits from distributors online
  • Receive advanced analytics to manage price fluctuations and improve buying habits
  • Ensure regulatory compliance across all locations to stay off the no-sale list

Your members can try Fintech free for 30 days. Make sure to tell them to provide the name of the association they are a member of to receive a discounted rate.

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Fintech’s Distributor Autopay Solution 

Fintech is offering retailers that manage one to ten locations a 100% free solution to pay their alcohol distributors electronically via Fintech Distributor Autopay.

With Fintech’s free Distributor Autopay solution, retailers are able to:

  • Pay all alcohol distributors electronically without manually approving individual invoice payments
  • Eliminate the handling of checks or cash for alcohol deliveries
  • Limit the time the delivery driver spends in their establishment
  • Automate regulatory compliance per the terms of the invoice (and avoid the dreaded no-sale list!)

Share this link with any of your members that may be in need of this service. It’s 100% free for retailers with three or less locations. No sales calls or long-term contracts. The setup for free electronic payments takes about five minutes, and businesses are usually processing within the next five to seven business days.


QuickBooks Online Integration with AccountsFlow


How automation can help your business save time and hit your target margins.