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Bank Activity Report

The Bank Activity Report which highlights your most recent alcohol invoice transactions, now includes a high-level summary of your payment activity with redesigned filtering and navigation tools.

  • See total invoices processed and total amount paid in the specified date range.
  • Sort and search by transaction type, bank account, retailer, or your chosen date range.
  • A daily EFT total gives you the option to drill down by distributor, transaction type, and click on specific invoice numbers to view the complete digital invoice copy.
  • Your most important data hasn’t changed a bit, on screen and exported reports contain the same information you rely on.
  • This enhanced view allows for more organized and detailed searches, easy export capabilities, and summary-level insights at a quick glance.
Fintech Portal Bank Activity Report
FMS pending alcohol invoice payment activity report

Pending Activity Report

The Pending Activity report functions in the same way but we’ve given it a face-lift to help you better manage your upcoming term invoice payments, with more accessible navigation, sorting, and exporting.

Adding New Distributor Relationships

Adding new distributors has never been easier. You now have the ability to request multiple distributor relationships at once, specifying exactly which locations you’d like set up. This redesign also allows you to see which distributors each location is already paying electronically, to avoid duplicate setup requests.

Fintech Portal Bank Activity Report
Manage Alcohol Store Payment Setup

Initial Store Setups & Confirmations

We will be consolidating information on the initial store set up and final confirmation emails that you currently receive. You will notice that the new communication will show all information for multiple setups/relationships in one email. The email, which will be sent three times a day, will reflect action needed/information for that subset of time. We hope this helps minimizes the emails you receive. Released December 7th: The initial setup page has been updated to make it easier than ever to manage incoming distributors requests and add new electronic payment relationships.

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Phone: 800-572-0854 (Option 1)
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