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Craft Brewers Conference 2023 Booth

We were recently at Craft Brewers Conference in Nashville to showcase how Fintech and Lilypad power alcohol businesses to Sell More Liquid and build efficiencies that continually grow their margins. Thanks to those in attendance for stopping by our booth to meet with the team and see Fintech’s alcohol management tools in action. As an event sponsor, we are happy to meet with peers in the bev alc market to learn more about current trends, put faces to names, and drive innovation within the industry.


Lilypad 3.0 Hops onto the Scene

CBC provided the perfect backdrop to introduce Lilypad 3.0, the newest version of the popular CRM tool. We are thrilled to bring this version to launch and help suppliers grow their businesses! The 3.0 version features multiple enhancements for a better user experience and allows suppliers to drill down into their sales performance by quarter to make necessary adjustments for a better rate of sale.

You can read more about Lilypad 3.0 in our press release on Brewbound and watch our State of Lilypad video.


Insider Tip: Why a Retailer-Centric Approach is Something You Must Consider


CBC Anna Nadasdy presentation
Anna Nadasdy, Director of Customer Experience, showcasing how Fintech’s data can help all three tiers of the bev alc system.


Anna Nadasdy, Fintech’s Director of Customer Experience, presented “Why a Consumer-Centric Approach is Something You Must Consider” to a standing-room-only crowd during the conference. Her discussion centered on why crafting strategies with retailers’ needs at the core bridges the gap to customer demand. Through this approach, brands can differentiate themselves in the supplier market and unlock their full growth potential.

An interesting part of the presentation shined a light on the outdated aspects of the 3-tier system. For example, suppliers face uncertainty around what products to make, how much of it to make, and what consumers actually want. This forces them to make big decisions leaning on unreliable, historical data and leads to poor retail sales and low inventory movement.

Distributors face similar uncertainty around which products to stock and how much. Outdated delivery practices create workflow inefficiencies by taking up too much time and resources. Especially considering most of these tasks can be automated.

For retailers, relying on distributors to stock shelves and suppliers for assortment can lead to profit loss, out-of-stocks, and poor customer experience. The inability to audit deliveries creates another snag in what should be a painless process.

To counter these issues, Anna introduced Fintech’s InfoSource®, a tool that predicts consumer demand and provides the competitive insights needed to grow your alcohol business. InfoSource helps businesses access consumer-based recommendations from Fintech’s collection of invoices across 200k stores, 4,800 distributors, and $42B in bev alc spend. It also provides up-to-the-minute behavior updates and geographical insights down to the neighborhood level.

So, with these predictive consumer analytics, suppliers can know exactly what their portfolio should look like, distributors can understand what will sell and what will not, and retailers can drive profitable sales consistently. This all combines to create a more positive consumer experience!


Catch Fintech at More Bev Alc Industry Events

Fintech is a sponsor of multiple industry events throughout the year. Be sure to check our social media and Events page to stay updated on where we will be. Thanks again to Craft Brewers Conference for having us and to all who attended!

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