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Alcohol distributors are constantly looking to increase their footprint by adding new retail locations to their routes. Distributors using Fintech know the cost savings and efficiencies created with each retail location introduced to the platform. But did you know Fintech has made the enrollment process even easier with our customizable e-Vite tool?

Get your personalized QR code that can be used to electronically enroll your retailers in minutes. No downloads. No paper forms. And no cost. Arm your sales reps, drivers, and accounting team members with the right tool for the job.


How Does it Work?

All your team has to do is create their own username and login within the e-Vite tool. Once in the portal, simply have them select their company name. That’s it!

Once this step is complete, your team can email or text your customers an e-Vite enrollment. The e-Vite should come through in less than two minutes! Your drivers can send it to operators while discussing Fintech’s benefits. Monitoring customer enrollments through the dashboard is a breeze and makes it easy to ensure the operator has completed the process. The average go-live timeframe for new accounts is 5-7 Days from the enrollment completion date.

Another perk of the portal is the built-in leaderboard showing enrollment counts per employee in real time. This fosters a healthy sense of competition, as your team will be able to track accounts as they are added, which goes hand-in-hand with any incentive programs.


Benefits for Retail Locations

We understand there can be objections to signing up with Fintech for automated alcohol invoice payments. Fintech often visits our distributor partners to train staff on how to sell Fintech. While Fintech’s benefits speak for themselves and can provide immediate ROI per alcohol delivery, it is always good to have a refresher on what moves the needles for operators when choosing to enroll:

  • Automated payments on all deliveries, whether COD or term
  • Accurate line-item data electronic integration into back-office system
  • Straightforward process for requesting credits from distributors
  • Monitor cost changes
  • Track money lost on costly ordering habits
  • Develop better alcohol-buying strategies


Benefits for Distributors

Are you a distributor that hasn’t signed on with Fintech? If so, ask yourself the following:

  • Do you like manual processes and sifting through paper invoices from each location?
  • Do you want your drivers spending more time at each drop-off while they wait for the operator to write a check or collect cash?
  • Do you like dealing with lost or stolen payments?
  • Do you like spending more money per delivery?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it’s time to try Fintech.

Fintech saves distributors $6.83 per delivery.* In addition to saving more per stop, distributors can also save on:

  • Cash office labor
  • Cost to resolve lost/stolen payments
  • Collection labor
  • EOD reconciliation
  • Cash liabilities
  • Cyber security for bank information

*Calculation based on independent NBWA study of 15 minutes of waiting time and $30.00 per hour driver salary

But that’s not all! Fintech has other benefits for distributors that make it even easier to make the switch.


Customer List Analysis

We compare your customer list to our retailer database to find potential relationships with existing Fintech clients, Distributor EFT clients, chain retailers, and even non-Fintech clients.


Fintech Incentive Opportunity

Fintech will co-op any enrollment incentives 50/50. On average, the program generates a 300% increase in total enrollments.


Fintech Training at No Cost

We offer free training services for your team through Tom Fox Sales Coaching. This helps to educate your organization on Fintech’s benefits.


Reliable Account Support

You can contact Fintech’s excellent support teams for any questions or problems. We will assign your account a point of contact available to help wherever needed.


With Fintech, Your Drivers Can Add ROI to Their Deliveries

Ready to increase enrollments with the touch of a button? Contact your Account Manager to create your custom QR code e-Vite tool if you are already a Fintech customer.

Fintech gives distributors the tools to bring more retailers into the fold and grow their route efficiency. Automated payments allow for better compliance across locations and ensure your retailers maintain a consistent delivery cadence. With incentives on both sides for distributors and retailers, making the switch becomes an even easier decision.

Happy distributors and happy retailers are on Fintech. Make the switch today to see for yourself.

If you are not yet a Fintech member, request a demo to see what we can do for you.

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