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Learn how Fintech’s electronic alcohol invoice payment solution helps distributors increase safety and reduce operational costs.

We are in an age where technology leads automation and efficiency in every aspect of our lives. In our personal lives we have Roombas roaming our homes, our watches sending texts on our behalf, and so many Zoom celebrations it feels like we’re in Star Trek. The same advances have changed customer expectations and become a necessary part of running a successful business. More recently, businesses have worked to utilize technology not only behind the scenes but with their customers directly. As an alcohol distributor, what technology could you be leveraging to maintain your competitive edge and enhance your overall customer service experience with your retailers?  

Of course, as distributors, the mind goes immediately to the ordering process. It’s the first step taken when selling your product and while online ordering solutions have grown exponentially over the last six months, it’s not the only interaction you have with your customers…could you be doing more?  

Touchless delivery processes are here to stay but setting up and operating your own ACH program comes with added liability and overhead. If electronic payments are the new expectation, isn’t there an easier way to offer them? Enter: Distributor Autopay. Distributor Autopay is Fintech’s solution to the increased demand for contactless interactions, but it goes far beyond that. What are the true benefits of introducing a distributor autopay program like this to your business?  

Remain Competitive & Enhance Customer Service  

If electronic invoice payment options and touchless deliveries are the new norm, chances are your competitors are already offering them. Beyond the competitive edge that electronic payments provide your business, you’re also enhancing customer service by offering a free program to your retailers. That’s right, our distributor autopay program is free for your independent retailers, and can be added as a service offering in your portfolio.  

Guarantee On-time Payments & Reduce Operational Costs 

With Distributor Autopay, your cash-on-delivery and terms retailers pay on time, every time. You eliminate the need for cash, checks, money orders, and escrow accounts, never have to worry about chasing a payment, and increase driver safety overall. Eliminating payment collection also increases route efficiency and decreases delivery times. Fintech integrates directly with your RAS, invoices are received and processed by Fintech, paid automatically on the due date providedand a remittance file is delivered back to your RAS, automating reconciliationThese on-time, automated payments also significantly reduce operating expenses associated with end-of-day driver check in, payment processing, and deposit prep.  

Easy to Implement 

In an effort to increase safety and security for our distributor partners and their customers, Fintech has developed a completely touch-free enrollment process for Distributor Autopay. You can include a custom URL on your website, send customers directly to the Fintech website, invite them via the Fintech portal, or leverage our new Distributor e-Vite tool, which empowers your sales reps and delivery drivers to send enrollment invitations directly from their phone.  

Fintech has reported that the demand for electronic payments has increased over 500% over the last six months. Don’t get behind the curve, contact us to learn more about Distributor Autopay today!  

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