BottlePos & Fintech

Watch this short video to see why Mihir Varia, owner of Liquor King liquor stores, describes BottlePos as the nucleus of his operations.

Bottle POS – A Conversation with Mihir Varia & Kevin Patel from Fintech on Vimeo.

Not Just Another POS System!

BottlePos is designed to serve as a full solution to control and reduce inventory levels for convenience store and liquor store managers, with features displayed through a simple-to-use interface. Click the button below to see how BottlePOS can better your operations.

Automated Invoicing

No need for all the manual paperwork or payments.

Auto Ranking

Identify best-selling vs dead stock items easily.

Centralized Database

Common information like name and category comes built into the products.

Fintech Integration

BottlePos works with Fintech to automate alcohol invoice payments and integrate data so you can make data-backed inventory decisions.