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Data Solutions Designed for the Bev Alc Industry

Data Solutions Designed for the Bev Alc Industry

Increase efficiency and optimize growth with cross-tier data solutions.

For Suppliers

Competitive Market Analysis | Retailer Reporting Suite

Competitive Market Analysis

Turn complex beer, wine, and spirits data into actionable, easy to use dashboards with best in class off-premise chain retail sales data, exclusively available through our alliance partnership with IRI. 

  • Product & Pricing: Identify trends to create products in line with consumer demand and analyze competitive pricing to optimize your strategy.
  • Sales Optimization: Arm your sales reps with actionable market intelligence to fight for shelf space and identify top markets for growth.
  • National Account Management: Optimize your chain strategy with competitive performance analysis across key off-premise accounts.
Competitive Market Analysis
Retailer Reporting Suite


Easily manage your sales, inventory, pricing, and brand performance at key accounts like Target and Walmart with consolidated, interactive dashboards.

  • Inventory and Pricing Analysis: Operate more clearly with cleansed and consolidated data in one application for a single source of truth. View daily inventory by store and distributor and quickly compare pricing state by state. 
  • Brand & Item Performance: Get laser focused in your analysis and filter by distributor, state, or brand with customizable time frames.
  • Marketing and Promotion Optimization: Easily track brand and store performance against promotional activities, and target marketing with store demographic profiles.

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Beverage Program Management | Margin Analysis

Beverage Program Management

Optimize your beverage program with our streamlined solution designed to help you monitor program execution across all of your on-premise retail locations.

  • Purchasing Compliance: Seamlessly audit purchasing with visualized reports that make it easy to monitor program compliance across your footprint.
  • Marketing Optimization: Maximize marketing and have confidence in your on-program volume and spend by brand and supplier.
  • Program Expansion: Identify opportunities with the ability to drill into products and quickly uncover what’s being purchased outside of your beverage program.
Beverage Program Management

Margin Protection

Protecting your beverage alcohol sales margins can be challenging, especially when the cost of items changes unexpectedly, store prices vary, and distributor naming conventions are complex. That’s why our cutting-edge solution simplifies the process by providing the insights you need to monitor costs at a store level, identify anomalies, and receive timely alerts. Our innovative tool empowers you to protect your profitability and improve your operational efficiency, all while delivering significant cost savings.