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For Suppliers

Competitive Market Analysis | Retailer Reporting Suite

For Suppliers

Competitve Market Analysis

Grow your business with competitive intelligence.

Turn complex beer, wine, and spirits data into actionable, easy to use dashboards with best in class off-premise chain retail sales data, exclusively available through our alliance partnership with IRI. 

  • Product & Pricing: Identify emerging trends to create products in line with consumer demand and compare your front line pricing to competitors.  
  • Sales Optimization: Identify which markets offer the next best growth opportunities and arm your sales reps with actionable data.
  • National Account Management: Compare your performance to your competitors and monitor performance to see where you can optimize placements.
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For Suppliers

Retailer Reporting Suite

Redefine how you interact with your enterprise brand data.

Easily manage your sales, inventory, pricing, and brand performance at key retailer accounts, such as Target and Walmart, in one place with consolidated, interactive dashboards from the most comprehensive business intelligence tool in the industry.

  • Data Reporting: View accurate, complete, and up-to-date data in an easy-to-use Microsoft-based platform. Analyze and excel your brand with interactive reports, heat maps, and executive summaries that allow you detailed insights into inventory, POS, pricing, & OOS metrics.
  • Data Integrity & Transparency: Create one source of truth by cleansing and consolidating data into one single application.
  • Data Accessibility: Access your dashboards anytime, anywhere with any wi-fi or cellular enabled device.

Because the invoice is automatically marked with the correct due date in QuickBooks Online, all we have to do is mark it as paid. That’s it! It saves our team a lot of administrative money and we can shift our area of focus into something more important.

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Beverage Program Management | Margin Analysis

For Retailers

Beverage Program Management

Optimize your beverage program with our streamlined solution designed to help you monitor purchasing compliance across all of your on-premise retail locations.

  • Control Approved Product List Compliance: Receive direct reports that inform when a location has ordered a product not on the Approved Product List so you can take the appropriate action. 
  • Marketing Adherence: Ensure locations are abiding to marketing protocols with related product availability.
  • Increase Customer Loyalty: Provide a positive experience for customers with the ability to maintain consistency and avoid shortfalls in offerings.  
Beverage Program Management
Margin Analysis

For Retailers

Margin Analysis

Easily analyze margins across your off-premise locations with your vendor data aligned to your POS data.

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