Fintech Payments for Distributors

A safe, secure way to collect payment.

How it Works

Technology Delivering an Immediate ROI

Fintech’s automated payment collection drives operational efficiencies from delivery to reconciliation and gives you access to over 200,000 retail partners nationwide.

Fintech Journey for Distributors

Leverage Automated Payments

Simply drop off deliveries and know your payments will be processed on-time, per the terms of the invoice.

Distributor Invoice
Distributor E-Vite

Connect with Retailers

Add any retailer in your area to electronic payments via text, email, or your Fintech portal.

Simplify Payment Reconciliation

Improve accounts receivable operations with online access to invoice details and completed or pending payments, and send credits directly to your retailers through the Fintech portal.

Distributor Bar Payments
Fintech Integrations

Easily Send Invoices to Fintech

Integrate your route-accounting system to automatically send your invoices for payment. No RAS? No problem. Create invoices in the Fintech portal or send a standard EDI file. Fintech integrates with these and many more.


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