Introducing PaymentSource® Premium

Complete Invoice Processing For Goods, Services, and Supplies

If you use Fintech for alcohol invoice payments, you understand the operational efficiency we deliver. We have expanded our accounts payable automation capabilities beyond alcohol to capture all business expenditures and expand operational efficiencies ever further.

Stay Organized with All Invoices in One Place

Looking for a past invoice? It’s in your portal. Invoices are captured, then we clean and format the data. Easily search and find any invoice using a variety of different criteria inside your personalized portal where we hold 15-months of invoice history that you can download as needed. Here you can also review invoice data reports, approve invoices, and monitor payment activity.

Make Invoice Payments
Invoice Data Capture

Convenient Ways We Capture & Store Your Invoice Data

Missing invoices create duplicate or late payments and cause long reconciliation processes. Fintech offers multiple ways to capture invoice data, so invoices are not lost. We establish and manage vendor-Fintech integrations so vendors can send us invoices. With our proprietary Invoice Builder tool, any vendor can create and upload invoices inside our system. You can also scan and upload invoices using built-in OCR technology.

Eliminate the Need for Paper Invoice Storage

Storing paper invoices for alcohol may be a requirement in your state, but invoices for other non-regulated goods, services, and supplies may not be. Sifting through files full of paper invoices of all shapes and sizes is a hassle. Log in to your Fintech portal and easily find any invoice and print a standardized copy or the original version as needed.

Eliminate Duplicate Payments
AP Invoice Automation

Adjust an Invoice Electronically When a Delivery is Not Complete

There are many times when an invoice needs adjustment before payment due to damaged products or out-of-stocks. After delivery, scan and upload the manually corrected invoice inside your Fintech portal and we will standardize the invoice digitally. Compare the scanned version side-by-side with the digitized version during the approval process and correct the invoice before scheduling payment. Often, our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology will automatically correct it for you.

What Our Clients Are Saying

The integration with Fintech has been a seamless transition. Integrating our vendor community to send electronic invoices through Fintech has allowed us to eliminate many direct SFTP connections and compliments our 100% EDI invoicing protocol. Fintech did most of the work during implementation which allowed for minimal time commitment from our team. The Fintech team was also very quick to deliver requested updates and changes. The response time of our account representative is un-matched. The Fintech portal is easy to navigate as well.
Valued Client
Multi-Location Convenience Store Chain

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