WingHouse Finds Success with EZorder™, Fintech’s New Alcohol Ordering Platform
May 21, 2019

WingHouse Finds Success with EZorder™, Fintech’s New Alcohol Ordering Platform

Fintech, the leading business solutions provider for the beverage alcohol industry, today announced the launch of EZorder with Ker’s WingHouse Bar & Grill, the latest in a long line of revolutionary products built specifically for beverage alcohol retailers. This technology provides WingHouse and other PaymentSource® users the ability to order alcohol from a personalized product guide created from their purchase history, allowing them to buy from multiple distributors in a single, online order. With EZorder, retailers can not only purchase their products, but easily manage brand compliance across locations, stay alerted of price changes, and access, review, and edit the same order on multiple devices.

EZorder was developed with beverage alcohol retailers through Fintech’s long-standing relationships within the industry, and was created to solve multiple deficiencies experienced during the ordering process. By developing this technology, Fintech becomes one of the first to provide a secure ordering platform that streamlines and improves control over the alcohol purchase procedure. Additionally, Fintech’s relationship with over 3,700 alcohol distributors provides extensive product coverage, and ensures orders are received by the correct distributor, delivering powerful time savings to retailers across the country.

“The need to simplify the alcohol ordering process has been a challenge for many years,” said Tad Phelps, President of Fintech. “Working closely with our clients we found that Fintech’s technology and data uniquely position us to offer the best solution. We have built EZorder to streamline the communication process and enhance business efficiencies without interrupting the way our retailers and distributors do business.”

“EZorder is an absolute game changer for WingHouse,” said Dennis Prescott, President and CEO of WingHouse. “We’ve been able to consolidate our alcohol ordering processes using a mobile platform, which has dramatically reduced the amount of time it takes our managers to place orders. Now, they can place one order for all their products, and EZorder automatically consolidates and sends theappropriate items to the correct distributors, while allowing us to track and review our orders in one place.”

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