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Accelerate your accounting processes with an instant alcohol invoice integration into your back-office system, or opt for a customized EDI file solution.


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Accounting departments love using Fintech. Its line-item integration into different systems like Plate IQ or xtraCHEF makes invoice and data tracking simple. Fintech can take invoices with mixed payment rules, for example if there is a 30-day payment processing rule for beer and wine but cash-on-delivery for liquor, and pay them accordingly and automatically. Its master login for all accounts is a game changer. I honestly don’t see a downside [to Fintech].
Stacy O'Fallon
Stacy O'Fallon
Certified Managerial Accountant & Owner
Front Burner Accounting
Fintech has become an integral part of our business and has given us visibility into how our operators purchase alcohol. The custom reports we receive have improved our alcohol reconciliation process and have helped us, coach managers, to purchase for the maximum discount, correct overages, and receive credits for charges that could have gone unnoticed. The return on investment was immediate, and it has helped us save time and money
Scott Hastings
Scott Hastings
Senior Financial Analyst
The solutions provided by Fintech have become invaluable for World Wide Wings, and part of our daily beverage alcohol management routine. We don’t have to think twice about our store’s compliance, we save money and order more efficiently. Whether I operated 66 locations or one, I would, and will always be a Fintech user.
Joe Janaszek
Joe Janaszek
Chief Marketing Officer
World Wide Wings
Choosing Fintech to help manage our beverage alcohol category was such a simple decision. They provide a convenient system that’s easy to implement when opening new locations and the service after sale has been fantastic. There are many factors that go into beverage alcohol management, from proper invoice reconciliation to liquor law compliance, and Fintech takes the headache out of all of it. Simply put, using Fintech is a no brainer!
Scott Estes
Scott Estes
Vice President

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