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Fintech’s Distributor Toolkit

Distributors are transitioning to 100% electronic fund transfer (EFT), here are tools to help get your retailers onboard.

Join the 100s of distributors going 100% EFT.

Simplify Getting Paid

Distributor Support Tools

Fintech offers free support to its distributor partners including our Distributor Autopay E-Vite mobile app, Customer
List Analysis, Fintech Training for your organization, and a Co-op 50/50 Incentive Program.

E-Vite Mobile App

This is a free app for distributors to accelerate and increase retailer adoption of EFT payments.

Gone are the days of paper enrollment forms! This tool provides distributor employees the ability to invite their customers, via text or email, to enroll in EFT payments.

Customer List Analysis

We can identify customers who are paying your competitors electronically, but not you.

Send us an Excel list of customers with addresses, including customer IDs. Fintech runs an analysis and identifies target customers. Fintech shares results and options for sending connection requests.

Optional: Fintech sends requests to approved customers.
750+ distributors have provided customer lists in the last 2.5 years!

Free Fintech Training

Invite your team to a 30-minute interactive Zoom training to learn about the benefits of Fintech for the distributor and customer, and skill building around empathy, listening, and overcoming customer objections.
Ask us about our on-site training.

Co-op 50/50 Incentive Program

Fintech has partnered with 200+ distributors on this program over the last 3 years.

Together, we define targets, payouts, and timelines. Fintech offers a 50/50 co-op.

E-Vite Mobile App

Download our mobile app and start inviting your retailers today!

Fintech App Icon


Reduce Operational and Administrative Costs

Fintech’s mobile app enrollment solution was designed to assist distributor teams in providing a secure, touch-free method to enroll independent retailers on Distributor Autopay. This tool allows you to invite retailers via text or email to register for electronic invoice payments. Teams can also use this tool to track progress and measure success.

How it Works


Register for an
E-Vite Account


Send Invites to
Your Retailers

Track Activity

Track the Activity
of Sent Invitations

Team Leaderboards

View Your Team's Leaderboards

Follow up

Follow Up with
Invited Customers

Home Dashboard

Evite Home Screen

Sending Invites

  • Toggle between text or email.
  • Custom note is pre-populated but the user is free to edit and send a personal message.
  • Once invitation is sent, it will show up in the activities section
  • Reminder messages are sent 3 times if the retailer does not complete registration.
text invite screenshot

How the text will appear to invited retailers.

email invite screenshot

How the email invite will appear to invited retailers.

Invite customers

Activity Page

By viewing the status of invited accounts on the Activity Page, users can see where the account is in the setup process.


  • An invitation has been sent, but the retailer has not completed account registration.


  • The retailer has registered for an account, including entering bank information, choosing distributors, and signing T&Cs.


  • Bank testing is complete and the relationship between the distributor and retailer is live.


  • An invoice has been paid via Fintech.

Distributor to Retailer Email Template

Email Template

Below is an example email template you can copy and paste to send to your retailers explaining the benefits of paying alcohol invoices through Fintech.

Hello [Retailer],
Are you tired of managing payments for all your alcohol deliveries? There is a better way to handle all your alcohol invoice payments that comes with multiple benefits – electronic funds transfer (EFT).

Fintech provides automated alcohol invoice EFT payments – both COD and term – that will speed up your deliveries, simplify reconciliation, and give you time to focus on other areas of your business. We encourage all our accounts to enroll with Fintech for seamless payments and deliveries.

EFT benefits include:

Convenience – Fintech handles all invoice payments electronically per the terms of the invoice without you having to lift a finger. 

Reconciliation – Didn’t receive everything you expected in your order? You can request credits
directly through your Fintech portal.

Efficiency – You can have all your invoice line-item data integrated into your back-office system, saving you time and preventing human error caused by manual entry of invoices. Fintech integrates with over 200 different back-office systems, including QuickBooks, PDI, M3, Restaurant365, and much more!

Optimize your alcohol management by going 100% EFT today! Click your secure EZenroll link to join our Fintech account and automate your alcohol invoice payments.

Thank you,

Best Practices For Getting Retailers on Fintech

Requesting a Custom Flyer or Business Cards

If you would like to receive a custom flyer with a direct link for your retailers to  sign up with you directly, Fintech can create that for you. Please contact your
account manager and include a high-resolution copy of your logo to get started.

We also have Autopay Business cards you can request to give your retailers with a QR Code to the EZenroll page.

Distributor Business Card EZenroll
custom flyer

How to Add Fintech Link to Signature Line on Emails

If you would like to add the Fintech EZenroll link to your email signature, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the signature settings in your email account.
  2. Add the image below to your signature by uploading or copy & paste it:
  3. Get Started Fintech Button
  4. Link our EZenroll registration page to the button:

Fintech EZenroll Page

Here is the link to Fintech’s EZEnroll page:

Many distributors add this link to their website to easily onboard customers to pay through Fintech.

Add our Logo to Your Website

Here is the link to Fintech’s logo page where you can download a version of our logo that fits your website best: 

Many distributors add a Fintech logo to their site with the EZenroll page linked so their customers can easily sign up for autopay, as shown below.

Benefits of Posting on Social and Instructions

Post on Your Social Media

Social media is a great platform to help raise awareness and educate your followers about the benefits of
paying all alcohol invoices through EFT. We’ve created five individual options for you to post across your
own channels. Each post explains a benefit of paying invoices through EFT and can be a stand alone post, or
posted together. Follow the steps below to use our media to post on your social channels.

Step 1: Download social images provided below by clicking on them.
Step 2: Upload image to your social media channel.
Step 3: Copy & insert provided captions.
Step 4: Tag @FintechBevAlc.
Step 5: Add a link to the EZEnroll page in the caption
Step 6: Include hashtags #FintechBevalc #MoreThanPayments #ReThinkYourDrink.
Step 7: Post & Share to your network!

Post Copy:

Eliminate human error in your manual data entry processes. It’s time to automate your alcohol invoice entry, saving you time and money!

More Time Focusing on Your Customers

Post Copy:

PaymentSource will automate your manual alcohol invoice processes, giving you time to focus on taking care of your customers and growing profits.

Automate Alcohol Invoice Processes

Post Copy:

PaymentSource will automate your manual alcohol invoice processes, giving you time to focus on taking care of your customers and growing profits.

More Visibility

Post Copy:

Spend less time prepping cash or checks for alcohol deliveries and more time focusing on your customers. PaymentSource automates regulated payments, speeds up deliveries, and brings visibility to your entire beverage alcohol business.

Distributor Credit Requests

Post Copy:

Not only does Fintech automate your alcohol distributor payments. But with PaymentSource, you can also efficiently manage your distributor credit requests.

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Resources To Give Your Retailers

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