Fintech Dives Deeper into Alcohol Supplier Sales Strategies with Lilypad 3.0 Release
May 10, 2023

TAMPA, FLFinancial Information Technologies, LLC (“Fintech”), is launching a new Lilypad 3.0 iteration for alcohol suppliers across the beer, wine, and spirits markets. Lilypad is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform developed to help alcohol suppliers sell more liquid. Its 3.0 update features multiple enhancements built with supplier partner input to deliver the most intuitive bev alc sales tool in the industry. Lilypad 3.0 officially launched at the Craft Brewers Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.


The 3.0 version boasts a redesigned homepage with a new search interface that allows users to toggle between accounts to quickly get the data they need for high-level execution in the field. The “Today’s Schedule” tab grants its users full visibility into their daily tasks. This area serves as the central point for critical updates, action items, and calendar appointments all displayed on a smartphone or tablet device.


Suppliers can view monthly progress on daily placement fulfillments, receive alerts for accounts in need of nurturing, and get an organized list of the day’s scheduled events.


The “Sales” tab can be divided into account and distributor views, giving suppliers a deeper view into key areas of their business. Lilypad 3.0’s time-period dropdown feature shows sales comparisons between the current year and the previous two years. This allows users to drill further down into sales performance by quarter so they can adjust to create a better rate of sale within their footprint.


“Lilypad 3.0 is a great leap forward in terms of user experience and reliability,” said Cameron Killip, Director of Finance at Boulevard Brewing Co. “We’re excited to use the next iteration of Lilypad!”


Lilypad was acquired by Fintech in 2019, giving it the resources to enhance its platform and scale. Lilypad’s unique offerings serve alcohol suppliers with a focus on empowering sales teams, improving cross-tier communication, and providing data insights that promote growth.


“Lilypad is an important part of our long-term solution strategy and vision that connects alcohol suppliers, distributors, and retailers. The new 3.0 version brings significant improvements in the technology powering the solution as well as the functionality that our customers experience,” said Amit Aghara, Chief Technology Officer at Fintech.


About Lilypad

Lilypad is beverage alcohol’s ultimate sales platform. Built on the feedback of the nation’s leading suppliers and distributors, Lilypad CRM is designed specifically for alcohol sales teams who have their sights on growth. Lilypad aggregates daily sales data across a supplier’s distribution network to further close cross-tier communication gaps while providing the actionable insights needed to sell more liquid.


Hundreds of breweries, distilleries, cideries, wineries, and distributors go to market with Lilypad. With a focus on user-first design and industry-leading customer service, Lilypad prides itself on making cutting-edge technology that pushes the beverage alcohol industry into the future.


From suppliers executing their first sales initiatives to suppliers with national distribution, Lilypad empowers teams with tools for collaboration, field execution, account management, cross-tier communication, sales tracking, and advanced reporting. Learn how Lilypad can help you sell more liquid on our website, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


About Fintech

Fintech is the leading business solutions provider of affordable technology built to simplify beverage alcohol management for any business, of any size, that sells alcohol. We empower retailers, distributors, and suppliers by automating essential manual processes and data insights associated with product catalog management, alcohol invoice payment, customer sales management, and industry data collection. With over 30 years of industry experience and unwavering dependability, Fintech delivers an immediate ROI to over 900,000 business relationships nationwide. By simplifying the day-to-day functions necessary to protect and grow margins, teams can get back to doing what they do best – taking care of customers and growing their businesses. To learn more, visit



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