Accounts Payable Automation for Alcohol Invoices

PaymentSource Pro

Reallocate Your Time and Resources

Instantly integrate clean alcohol invoice data.

Fintech integrates with 200+ back-office systems, sending clean, GL-coded, line-item invoice data seamlessly. Eliminate lost invoices, manual entry, and human errors for efficient processing.

Access client invoice history and monitor payments.

Fintech’s portal archives 15 months of rolling invoice history, provides a clear view into payment activity, and offers a simple process to request credits from alcohol distributors for faster reconciliation.

Facilitate regulated invoice payments automatically.

Automate alcohol invoice payments based on specified terms, including COD, to comply with state alcohol laws. Eliminate cash, checks, or scheduling online payments. No manual effort required.

Gain insight that protects client profit margins.

Access built-for-you reports that identify margin-draining opportunities. Monitor cost variances and expensive buying habits for swift margin recovery. Easily track alcohol spend by category and distributor.

PaymentSource Premium

Invoice Processing Automation for ALL
Goods, Services, and Supplies

PaymentSource now includes a Premium offering, which automates accounts payable for all invoices related to goods, services, and supplies, giving you full visibility and control over your clients’ AP operation. Simplify all vendor integrations, effortlessly capture invoice data, eliminate duplicate payments and missing invoices across your vendor network, optimize your cash flow, and make invoice payments through a single portal.

Premium AP Automation

Increase Cash Flow One Scan at a Time

Scan-Based Trading for Your Retail Clients

With Scan-Based Trading, you can reshape COGS management and inventory. Only pay for the items you sell, effectively slashing your inventory holding costs and growing operational cash flow. This integrated system offers insight into inventory movement down to the UPC, provides updates for your price book, and streamlines the accounts payable process. Realize cost savings, optimize labor efficiency, and perform at the highest level of accuracy and effectiveness.

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