Fintech Partners with MarginEdge for Strategic Solution
July 9, 2019

TAMPA, FL —   Financial-Information-Technologies, LLC (“Fintech”), the leading business solutions provider for the beverage alcohol industry, has partnered with MarginEdge, a fast-growing restaurant management platform designed to eliminate unproductive paperwork and streamline the flow of operational data. Together, Fintech and MarginEdge provide restaurant operators an end-to-end, integrated solution that improves visibility and allows retailers to streamline key activities, including inventory management, cost analysis, and product ordering.

“MarginEdge is a perfect fit for our partner portfolio. Their mission of improving operational efficiencies mirrors our own, and is critical to the goal of our partnership. Together, we’re looking to give restauranteurs time back to focus on creating the best possible guest experience, without wasting hours managing their back office,” said Tad Phelps, President of Fintech.

“Restaurant owners don’t want to be system integrators, and bringing together Fintech and MarginEdge takes the pain and guesswork out of running the restaurant back office,” said Bo Davis, CEO of MarginEdge. “It’s a natural fit for restaurant managers who want the simplest and most powerful way to manage their entire alcohol category, from ordering to invoice processing, to payment and reconciliation.”

This strategic partnership between Fintech and MarginEdge provides a complete solution for invoice processing without manual data entry for beverage alcohol and food cost management. The partnership delivers detailed, line-item information directly to restaurant owners and operators, providing them access to data insights to monitor crucial pricing, purchase data, and inventory KPI’s for a single location, or across the enterprise. Restauranteurs are able to see everything they purchased and sold in one place, allowing them to focus on managing their customer experience, not invoices.


About MarginEdge

MarginEdge’s mission is to create a world where restaurant operators can focus on the business they love. By eliminating unproductive paperwork and streamlining the flow of operational data, MarginEdge is reimagining the back office and freeing restaurants to spend more time on their culinary offerings and guest experience. MarginEdge serves 1,000 restaurants in 34 states.

About Fintech

Fintech, the leading business solutions provider for the beverage alcohol industry, offers a OneSource® solution for beverage alcohol management built to empower alcohol suppliers, distributors, and retailers with actionable data. With decades of industry experience and knowledge, paired with unwavering dependability and trust, Fintech continues to lead the development technologies built to increase margins and maximize operating efficiencies for anyone who sells alcohol. From product ordering, invoice management and reconciliation, and data reporting, to pricing and promotion communication, sales strategy, payment compliance adherence, and regulatory resource connectivity, Fintech delivers strategic, integrated solutions that connect over half a million business relationships nationwide.

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