Fintech Reaches New Milestone With 800,000 Automated Alcohol Payment Connections
March 30, 2022

TAMPA, FL —   Financial Information Technologies (“Fintech”), the leading invoice payment and data solutions provider for the alcohol industry, today announced that they have reached 800,000 retailer-to-distributor connections for automated alcohol invoice payments. This milestone represents over $43 billion in annual payment transactions and solidifies Fintech’s place as a technology leader within the industry, delivering affordable and innovative products and services that revolutionize operational efficiency for thousands of alcohol businesses nationwide.

“We are incredibly grateful for the opportunities our clients have afforded us and to serve as a trusted partner for over 30 years,” said Tad Phelps, Fintech CEO. “This is a testament to our loyalty and commitment to investments in technology that will continue to meet and exceed industry expectations.”

For over three decades, Fintech has provided the alcohol industry with alcohol management technology built for businesses of all sizes. The hundreds of thousands of connections facilitated through Fintech link more than 190,000 alcohol retailers to a network of over 4,550 distributors and suppliers nationwide to automate invoice payment and collection. These connections provide clients with actionable purchase data insights, state-by-state regulatory payment compliance, line-item data invoice integration, digital invoice management, and automation tools that drive operational efficiency to support, grow, and protect alcohol margins.