Fintech Selected as Smart & Final’s Exclusive Solution for Beverage Alcohol Management
October 15, 2020

TAMPA, FL — Financial Information Technologies, LLC (“Fintech”), the leading business solutions provider for the beverage alcohol industry, today announced that Smart & Final, the smaller, faster grocery warehouse store for household and business customers, has selected them as an exclusive provider of electronic alcohol invoice payments and advanced data reporting. This partnership provides Smart & Final with beverage alcohol management technology that enhances operations over the enterprise’s alcohol purchasing and data reconciliation procedures. Fintech’s industry-leading solution has been implemented in all of Smart & Final’s 256 grocery and foodservice stores in California, Arizona, and Nevada. 

“We are incredibly proud to have been chosen as a valued business partner of Smart & Final, and we look forward to delivering true strategic solutions that benefit not just their beverage alcohol category, but their business as a whole. Smart & Final joins our network of over 150,000 alcohol retailers nationwide, and we are honored to provide them with enhanced technology designed specifically to aid in their continued business development,” said Tad Phelps, CEO, Fintech.   

“Fintech’s intuitive technology will be beneficial in increasing visibility, improving our alcohol purchase data quality, and reducing time and potential errors,” said Bob Wagner, Director Non-Foods & Beverages, Smart & Final. “Fintech has made navigating distributor consolidation and regulatory compliance simple.” 

The selection of Fintech comes from a desire to streamline and enhance manual operations for Smart & Final. Fintech’s dedicated payment solution and seamless invoice data integration into Smart & Final’s back-office system, SAP, presents the company with electronic payments and an end-to-end view of their alcoholic beverage purchasing and reconciliation process. The partnership with Fintech alleviates the challenges Smart & Final previously faced and provides a smart solution that will scale with the company as it continues to grow.   


About Fintech 

Fintech is the leading business solutions provider for the beverage alcohol industry, empowering alcohol suppliers, distributors, and retailers with smart solutions that simplify beverage alcohol management. From product ordering and invoice payments, to sales strategy, business intelligence, and industry insights, Fintech continues to lead the development of technologies that increase margins and maximize operating efficiencies for anyone who sells alcohol. With decades of industry experience and unwavering dependability, Fintech automates over 625,000 business relationships nationwide. To learn more, visit 

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About Smart & Final 

Smart & Final is the smaller, faster grocery warehouse store, headquartered near Los Angeles in Commerce, California. Smart & Final’s 256 store locations offer quality products in a variety of sizes, saving customers time and money without a membership fee. Its larger format stores, Smart & Final Extra!, combine the warehouse store with traditional grocery offerings like farm-fresh produce and natural and organic options, to provide a one-stop shop for all. In business since 1871, Smart & Final remains committed to giving back to its communities through employee volunteer opportunities and donations to local nonprofits. 

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