Managing inventory is a critical task for liquor and convenience stores, as well as other off-premise retailers. Whether it’s a single outlet or a chain, efficiently managing current stock, tracking deliveries, handling invoice payments, and managing item-specific data is essential for operational efficiency. Fortunately, Modisoft and Fintech provide

If you didn’t read our first MI Administrative Order blog, this one will discuss how both alcohol distributors and the retailers they deliver too benefit from this new state order. The buzz around Michigan has been all about a new order implemented by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.

Fintech’s PaymentSource solution is revolutionizing how accounting firms service their clients. Our platform automates alcohol invoice payments, records line-item invoice data, and provides online access to an easy-to-use portal with downloadable files to integrate invoice data with back-office systems. By eliminating manual entry of invoices and time spent

2020 was a year that rocked the world and changed many businesses in the blink of an eye, and the alcohol industry was no exception. Throughout it all, we saw the three tiers come together and create a sense of community unlike anything we’ve seen before.
For alcohol invoice payments, there are several touch-free choices available, from escrow accounts to EFT payments - but only one brings true visibility and better control to the beverage alcohol category.