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Efficiency in alcohol invoice payments is the cornerstone of a well-operating business in the beverage industry. As the landscape evolves, embracing streamlined payment processes becomes essential for businesses to ensure smooth operations. Utilizing electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment methods like Fintech’s PaymentSource® allows alcohol businesses to optimize accounts

Imagine a way that off-premises businesses could quickly identify price changes by distributor, by location, and all the way down to product SKU that would allow them to make decisions faster which ultimately helps protect the margins they are trying to achieve. Fintech’s Margin Protection can do just

This is a guest blog from our friends at The Fork CPAs. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration facilitates the communication of information and documents like invoices, credit notes, and payment information between businesses. Setting up an EDI integration between your restaurant’s inventory/POS and/or accounting system and your vendors

  Staffing issues? Tell us about it! If your business is dealing with labor shortages, increased wages, and unreliable employees, it can be daunting to try and maintain a positive customer experience because you are bogged down with time-consuming manual tasks. A recent survey of on-premises retailers asked

  Alcohol businesses thrive with proper inventory and invoice management. These two procedures are important to help ensure your alcohol investment yields a positive return and keep your monthly P&L statements accurate and balanced. Maintaining these important functions typically starts with someone manually entering alcohol invoice information into

Streamline Alcohol Invoice Payments with the Leading Technology Provider for the Bev Alc Industry PaymentSource® is a smarter way to manage your alcohol by transforming manual processes into automated invoice payments and seamless alcohol data integrations that not only save time but also grow your bottom line. With

Alcohol Invoice Management Simplified Technology that provides automation can eliminate operational oversight for hospitality businesses. When it comes to alcohol, hospitality businesses go through a large volume of products on a weekly basis, and it can be a burden to input payment and data information for each invoice

Fintech’s PaymentSource solution is revolutionizing how accounting firms service their clients. Our platform automates alcohol invoice payments, records line-item invoice data, and provides online access to an easy-to-use portal with downloadable files to integrate invoice data with back-office systems. By eliminating manual entry of invoices and time spent