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How Fintech Helped Bella Monica Cucina & Vino

The Challenge

Before using Fintech’s automated alcohol invoice payments, Bella Monica Cucina & Vino’s payment process was inefficient and time-consuming. For each beer and wine delivery, the restaurant was required to follow North Carolina’s strict state regulatory laws by providing drivers with payment on delivery. To ensure payment was provided, management had to leave the dining room floor and waste time away from guests in the back-of-house multiple times a day. Additionally, in order to understand total spend or investigate margin eaters, Bella Monica had to spend time in a cramped, often invoice-cluttered office. Again, this process took precious time away from Bella Monica’s ability to cultivate and nurture their guest experience to the fullest extent. To alleviate these struggles while maintaining their extensive wine collection and outstanding service, Bella Monica turned to Fintech.

The Fintech Solution

Bella Monica Cucina & Vino began utilizing Fintech’s beverage alcohol management solution in 2017 and immediately received significant time savings and a more streamlined management process. By automating alcohol invoice payments, Bella Monica staff can simply sign off the alcohol delivery and get the driver back on their way, saving several minutes on each and every alcohol delivery. Electronic payments keep Bella Monica’s management present for guests and staff, a practice that is vital to their familial approach to service. Fintech also delivers alcohol invoice details back to Bella Monica in clear, concise purchase reports through an easy-to-use client portal, so Bella Monica can review deliveries, see invoices, and request credits without searching through mountains of paper invoices. Electronically managing invoices has also allowed Bella Monica to maximize their limited inventory space with purchases that support the traditional Italian menu. Over the last four years, Fintech’s affordable technology has delivered a substantial return on investment and given Bella Monica not just the time but the insight necessary to build upon and elevate their outstanding guest experience. 

What Our Partners Say

Fintech is fantastic! It’s super cost-effective, and hands down it provides us the biggest bang for our buck out of all the vendors we use. It’s quick, simple, and most importantly it allows our management team to stay out on the floor, be present in front of the staff, watching our business, interacting with our guests. 

Corbett Monic, Head Chef & Owner | Bella Monica Cucina & Vino

About the Client

Over 20 years ago, Bella Monica Cucina & Vino opened in Raleigh, North Carolina, serving authentic Italian meals with the freshest ingredients. The restaurant began as an extension of Chef and Owner Corbett Monica’s Nana’s table and remains a place where family and friends gather to enjoy each other, relax, and eat delicious food. Today, the restaurant operates with a menu boasting traditional Italian foods and a host of beer and wine for customers to enjoy while they gather. Throughout their history, Bella Monica has served friends and family in the Raleigh community with outstanding hospitality, just like Nana. When Bella Monica searched for a partner to simplify and automate beverage alcohol management, they wanted a resource that would mirror their outstanding service – so they chose Fintech.