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Buffalo Wild Wings

How Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc. Gained Control of Their Alcohol Spend for All 66 Locations

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The Story

How Fintech Helped World Wild Wings

The Challenge


Running an efficient beverage alcohol business with locations nationwide is complex. Ensuring compliance and brand standards are being upheld, beating expected costs of goods sold (COGS), and maximizing profit margins are key to success and growth. World Wide
Wings needed a way to easily identify the cause of fluctuating alcohol costs, while protecting their margins and eliminating expensive manual processes. They also wanted visibility into alcohol purchasing habits and history at the location level in order to monitor beverage compliance, the receipt of negotiated pricing from distributors, and order efficiency (e.g. avoiding unnecessary split case fees, managing credits on keg returns, etc.) – all the while ensuring each location remains in payment compliance and off no-sale lists. To solve these challenges, World Wide Wings approached Fintech.

The Fintech Solution


After implementing Fintech, World Wide Wings was able to gain control of their alcohol spend for all 66 locations. Fintech provides electronic invoice payments fueled by PaymentSource®, keeping all locations compliant despite differing laws in each state. When analyzing an increase in COGS, World Wide Wings can now use Fintech’s clean and accurate purchasing data, including a custom-built report that reviews credits and assists in managing keg deposits. Fintech’s Price Discrepancy Report was able to identify nearly $9,000 in payment discrepancies for identical products purchased by the same distributor. Its Split Case Report calculated fees incurred when ordering by the bottle versus a full case, uncovering an average of $1,300 a month in potential savings, and an opportunity to improve order strategy. Fintech allows operators at World Wide Wings to use a single login to view these reports and the detailed purchase history of each of its 66 locations, ultimately bettering the franchisee’s beverage alcohol business as a whole.

What Our Partners Say

The solutions provided by Fintech have become invaluable for World Wide Wings, and part of our daily beverage alcohol management routine. We don’t have to think twice about our store’s compliance, we save money and order more efficiently. Whether I operated 66 locations or one, I would, and will always be a Fintech user.

Joe Janaszek, Chief Marketing Officer, World Wide Wings

About Client

Buffalo Wild Wings is a casual dining and sports bar franchise with locations around the world. In the U.S., 66 of those locations are owned by World Wide Wings, which has been recognized by Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc. for their success as well as their support of other franchises With a mission to “wow” people every day, World Wide Wings is guest-driven, team-focused, community-connected, and ultimately dedicated to excellence. They have been streamlining their alcohol purchase process with Fintech since 2011.

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