How Ford’s Garage improved processes and encouraged brand growth with Fintech.

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Results by the Numbers

in alcohol invoices processed annually
$ 0 M+
compliance for 13 locations, including 11 Ford’s Garage restaurants, Yeoman’s Cask and Lion, Sake 23, and Capone’s
0 %
in price discrepancies and unnecessary fees identified
$ 0 +
The Story

How Fintech Helped Ford’s Garage

The Challenge

With an expanding brand and growing beverage alcohol category, it was important for Ford’s Garage to have a simplified accounting process with proper visibility into alcohol purchases. After opening their first few locations, Ford’s Garage quickly realized the challenges involved with payment management, invoice reconciliation, and regulatory compliance. Their desire to create a cohesive brand identity, while maintaining a unique guest experience at each location, led them to seek a resource that could highlight purchase habits and streamline tedious manual processes. After adopting Fintech’s PaymentSource® for a few of their locations, they knew the solution to their challenges was simple.

The Fintech Solution

Ford’s Garage implemented Fintech’s PaymentSource with one location in 2015, and subsequently partnered to bring simplicity to their beverage alcohol program across all their locations. Fintech not only streamlines the payment process at the store level, eliminating the need for cash, checks, or money orders, but it makes regulatory compliance concerns a thing of the past. Through Fintech Management Suite (FMS™), Ford’s Garage has gained on line access to 13-months of rolling invoice history for all their locations, allowing them to view individual invoices broken down by line item and even track and request credits. With this clarity, Ford’s Garage can easily monitor purchase information and simplify their reconciliation process. Additionally, the personalized reports provided by Fintech highlight key ordering opportunities and allow Ford’s Garage to easily confirm adherence to specific brand guidelines across their locations. With this information, they have implemented ordering habits that help maximize margins and increase confidence when opening new locations. By partnering with Fintech, Ford’s Garage has gained the resources needed to simplify and enhance daily operations, and create a unique guest experience that supports their overall brand mission.

What Our Partners Say

Choosing Fintech to help manage our beverage alcohol category was such a simple decision. They provide a convenient system that’s easy to implement when opening new locations and the service after sale has been fantastic. There are many factors that go into beverage alcohol management, from proper invoice reconciliation to liquor law compliance, and Fintech takes the headache out of all of it. Simply put, using Fintech is a no brainer!

Scott Estes Vice President of V.I.B.E. 23 Restaurant Services, Ford’s Garage

About Client

Ford’s Garage opened their first location in 2012 in historic downtown Fort Myers, less than a mile from Henry Ford’s winter residence. Their dedication to creating a unique customer experience is exhibited through 1920’s, prohibition-style decor and authentic Ford memorabilia. Today, each of their 13 Ford’s Garage locations offer a menu full of unique burgers, American comfort foods, and a variety of cocktails and beers. In an effort to remain engaged in their communities, Ford’s Garage has created “Burgers of Fame” to honor local celebrities, and even collaborates with neighborhood breweries to create unique craft beers. Ford’s Garage partnered with Fintech in 2015 to improve processes and simplify their beverage alcohol category.