How Garrison Found an Immediate ROI with Fintech

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The Story

How Fintech Helped Garrison Food Mart

The Challenge

Before utilizing Fintech for simplified beverage alcohol management, Garrison Food Mart struggled with coordinating alcohol invoice payments that aligned with Texas state regulatory laws. For beer, the convenience chain was required to pay cash on delivery, for wine, they had to follow payment terms. This meant that for every delivery, location-level managers needed to be present, or other employees needed to gain access to the store safe for payment. This practice was not only unsafe, it was impractical. Occasionally, management would attempt to settle invoices with different vendors directly at the end-of-day at their respective warehouses, but coordinating these payments was a logistical nightmare for the staff. Additionally, Garrison Food Mart wasted countless hours each week manually entering line-item details from each alcohol invoice into their back-office system, S2K. To alleviate the manual, often time-consuming, and error-prone processes plaguing their alcohol category, Garrison’s turned to Fintech.

The Fintech Solution

Garrison Food Mart implemented Fintech’s affordable payment solution and immediately received a return on their investment that made managing their alcohol category simpler and more efficient. By automating alcohol invoice payments, the Texas-based convenience chain accepts their beer and wine deliveries without needing to prep cash or checks for payment – getting the delivery truck out of their parking lot and their team back to their customers quicker than ever. Fintech navigates the state of Texas’s complicated regulatory measures, ensuring that all of Garrison’s alcohol invoices are paid on time, so compliance is never a concern. Additionally, Fintech’s partnership and direct invoice integration into S2K, Garrison Food Mart’s back-office system, delivers all line-item details directly to the accounting system, so Garrison’s can understand product success without hours of research or data entry. With hours of manual data entry eliminated and inconvenient payment methods a thing of the past, Garrison Food Mart has been able to refocus its time and efforts on other profit-building aspects of business.

What Our Partners Say

“For us, Fintech is a game-changer! We don’t have to worry about prepping payments or getting any money to the beer guy. It’s great that our team can just accept the delivery, and we don’t have to work schedules to ensure a manager is available at the time of delivery. Plus, the data integration into S2K gives us the visibility needed to track sales and understand fast-moving products, slow-moving products, and our highest-margin items. It works great; we don’t even have to touch it or do anything manually. I can’t believe it took us this long to make a change. So happy that we did. Numbers don’t lie.”

Greg Hendricks, Vice President, Garrison Food Mart

About Client

Garrison Food Mart is a small, regional chain of convenience stores serving the West Texas area. Based out of Shamrock, Texas, the company operates primarily along the major highways in small markets with about 3,000 or fewer people. While their name may not be nationwide yet, Garrison Food Mart has learned how to leverage affordable technology for a true impact on their margins. For their alcohol category specifically, Garrison’s relies on Fintech for automated alcohol invoice payments and data integration.