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The Story

How Fintech Helped The Beaufort Hotel

The Challenge

Before Fintech, the Beaufort Hotel managed their alcohol invoice payments manually, providing cash or checks to drivers for the property’s alcohol deliveries. To do this, the general manager, Peter Grills, needed to be present to provide payment and accept the delivery, often tying him to the back-of-house away from guests. Additionally, once the Beaufort Hotel received product, staff had to manually enter each invoice line-item into spreadsheets or their back-office system, leaving the door open for manual-entry errors. Unfortunately, these spreadsheets were often not updated in real-time, resulting in an inability to react to pricing changes before the hotel’s bottom line was impacted. To alleviate these challenges and save time with each delivery, the Beaufort Hotel turned to Fintech. 

The Fintech Solution

After implementing Fintech’s affordable payment automation in 2019, the Beaufort Hotel gained the hospitality industry’s greatest asset – more time with their guests. With Fintech’s electronic payments, the general manager no longer needs to be present to provide payment for every single alcohol delivery or pickup; any authorized manager can sign the invoice and accept the product. This frees up the management team to spend more time with guests and staff, providing an outstanding experience on the property. Plus, because there are now different managers placing and accepting orders, the hotel has found a new, checks-and-balances-like system for their alcohol category, ensuring the accuracy and security of their inventory. Fintech also delivers the details of each invoice into the Beaufort Hotel’s back-office system, eliminating manual data entry and improving the timeliness of their data. Now, the hotel can identify opportunities to save money quickly and pivot to prevent lost profits. The digital invoice management provided by Fintech helps the Beaufort Hotel reduce the number of paper invoices kept on the property, aligning well with their mission to reduce their ecological footprint. Today, thanks to Fintech, the Beaufort Hotel has improved efficiencies and bettered ordering habits within their alcohol category, saving them both time and money.

What Our Partners Say

Fintech really helped us in two ways. The first, is time, which we never get back once it’s lost. Fintech helps us save time with deliveries and invoice data transmission and makes it so that any manager can accept the delivery. Secondly, Fintech delivers another layer of security to our ordering process and allows us to immediately identify any pricing changes and react as necessary without losing money.

Peter Grills, General Manager | Beaufort Hotel

About Client

Along North Carolina’s east coast, at the very tip of the Outer Banks, sits the Beaufort Hotel, a boutique, waterfront hotel with a rich history in the local fishing industry. The Beaufort Hotel serves guests with an authentic, relaxing coastal experience and is an outstanding green partner and leader in promoting environmental responsibility. Today, the hotel has 133 guestrooms, a restaurant overlooking Taylor’s Creek, and a 10,000 square-foot event space. As a full-service hotel offering on-site alcohol as well as in-room amenities, the Beaufort Hotel partnered with Fintech in 2019 to improve alcohol management efficiencies and gain more time to spend with their guests. 

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