TAMPA, FL — Financial-Information-Technologies, LLC (“Fintech”), the leading business solutions provider for the beverage alcohol industry, has unveiled a comprehensive update to its visual identity through a new logo, colors, and website, www.fintech.com, which launched Thursday, June 6, 2019.

“The decision to evolve our brand wasn’t made lightly and involved countless people across the Fintech team in order to ensure that every aspect of our visual identity truly represents who we are, and where we are going,” said Fintech President, Tad Phelps. “While our look may have changed, Fintech’s mission remains the same – to provide the beverage alcohol industry with products and services of superior quality and value that exceed expectations and improve businesses while bettering the lives of our partners and clients.”

Fintech’s new brand was created through a collaborative process and enables the company to stand out, not only to their clients, but as a progressive, integrated technology solution and information resource for all alcohol suppliers, distributors, and retailers. The new Fintech logo includes the Fintech ‘F’ represented as a graph, trending toward growth, within a circle that’s a creative depiction of a coaster, bottle cap, or top-down bottle view – a nod to the company’s foundation in and dedication to the beverage alcohol industry.

The Fintech website now offers a tech-forward and engaging design with easy to use navigation and access to key user resources. It hosts essential information regarding Fintech’s services, programs, and culture, as well as significant alcohol news and trends, amongst other pertinent content. The shift in focus for the website reflects the company’s commitment to expanding offerings to better serve not only Fintech clients, but the beverage alcohol industry as a whole.

Over the last few years, Fintech has continued to grow its executive team through the addition of notable hospitality and technology veterans who have created a new strategic direction for the company’s overall transformation. While this change will not interrupt or alter any of the services provided by Fintech, it marks a new chapter in the company’s nearly 30-year history.

About Fintech

Fintech, the leading business solutions provider for beverage alcohol management and regulatory information resource, offers a OneSource® solution with a suite of profit-building products and services for alcohol distributors and retailers.

With decades of industry experience offering unwavering dependability and trust, Fintech empowers users with information to increase margins and maximize operating efficiencies within their beverage alcohol category. By anticipating client needs, nurturing relationships, and growing partnerships within the industry, Fintech continues to deliver cutting-edge, strategic solutions that range from product ordering, invoice management and reconciliation, and data reporting, to pricing and promotion communication, payment compliance adherence, and regulatory resource connectivity.

Working with thousands of alcohol distributors nationwide, Fintech links distributors to alcohol retailers, and manages data transformation for over half a million relationships, adding thousands of connections every month. For more information on how Fintech can better your business, visit our website and follow us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

Contact: Misha Hart, 800.572.0854 x 3827, [email protected]

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