Complete Invoice Processing

for Alcohol, Business Services, COGS, and Operating Supplies

PaymentSource® Premium

Four Ways You Benefit From One Invoice Processing System

1. Simplify Vendor Integrations

Accelerate your data integration process for onboarding new and existing trading partners up to 5x faster. Send us your vendor network, and Fintech will serve as your dedicated integration team to help expedite integration connections and remove the burden from your internal resources. A Fintech-vendor integration allows your vendors to send your invoices directly to us. We capture the invoice data, normalize it, and send it back to you through an integration or daily file. Vendors without e-invoicing capabilities can use our proprietary Invoice Builder tool inside the Fintech system.

Vendor Invoices

2. Integrate or Receive a Daily File With Invoice Details

Gone are the days of managing trading partner integrations and paper invoices. Fintech ingests and normalizes all your vendor and distributor line-item invoice data. This normalized data is then delivered seamlessly into your back-office system through an integration or in a daily file for upload.

3. Eliminate Duplicate Payments, Reduce Missing Invoices and Lower Exception Rates

Lost or missing invoices can lead to duplicate or late payments that can affect your P&L and cause longer reconciliation processes. Spending hours locating missing invoices is a waste of time and money when managing multiple locations. A seamless integration eliminates manual entry, reducing the risk of human error and contributing to lower exception rates.

Integrate or receive daily file
Optimize Cash Flow

4. Optimize Your Cash Flow

Grow cash flow by cutting unnecessary labor costs. Accounts payable automation supports efficient invoice management. Save time and money by automating invoice data entry, eliminating the need to manage multiple invoice data integrations, and reducing time spent on managing exceptions. Fintech consolidates invoice details and purchase history all in one place - the client portal.

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