Integrate Directly With Your PDI System
Data File Integration

Benefits of Automated Data Ingestion

Fintech can take all the line-item invoice data from your alcohol purchases into a file that can be imported directly into PDI. This integration eliminates the time it takes to key in each entry at the line level manually. Another benefit of the integration is that all data is captured accurately and imported into PDI without human error or having to lift a finger.

PDI allows you to maintain a price book, which offers you the benefit of items matching to your requirements. If new items come in or if something changes with the item on our end (for example, a new UPC), the import will still happen successfully since PDI matches off vendor item number.

We have an excellent relationship with PDI and can help clients in need of help with configuration or get tripped on the data ingestion.

Data Solutions For Bev Alc

Margin Protection

What is Margin Protection?

Protecting your beverage alcohol margins can be challenging when product costs fluctuate, leaving you with little time to adjust consumer shelf price in a timely manner, to receive credits on time, or to address wrong pricing with your distributor. That’s why Fintech developed Margin Protection functionality. We compare your POS scan data to your purchase data down to the specific product SKU by location and distributor.

On average, Fintech finds a 4% discrepancy in expected alcohol margins in convenience stores.

Payment Solutions


Fintech is the leading provider of B2B solutions that simplify alcohol business processes. Over 225,000 clients rely on us to automate their back office so they can focus on what really matters – loyal customers, happy employees, and revenue growth.

PaymentSource Product Diagram


Our PaymentSource platform automates manual alcohol invoice payments, simplifies reconciliation, and streamlines accounting processes. Our platform also integrates directly with PDI, eliminating hours of manual data entry and delivering critical data insights needed to build a better alcohol business.


OrderSource is an order processing system that helps retailers communicate beverage alcohol purchase orders (POs) to distributors electronically. You can send all your alcohol POs to your distributors one easy way, and in a single format – no more phone calls, emails, or faxes. OrderSource and PaymentSource work in conjunction to ensure a valid PO number is issued with your on-time payment.

OrderSource Honey comb diagram