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AP Automation

Our Accounts Payable (AP) Automation feature was designed to help you save time, reduce costs, improve efficiency, accuracy, and ensure compliance. Upload invoices from your computer or mobile device for scanning and digital conversion, further automating your accounts payable process.

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Simplify Invoice Management

Five Easy-Step Overview

Capture and Upload

1. Capture & Upload

Retailers can scan, take pictures, and upload all their invoices.

Scan and Digitize

2. Scan & Digitize

Fintech digitizes your invoices, capturing summary and line-item detail using advanced machine learning technology.

Verify and Approve

3. Verify & Approve

Approve or reject digital invoices against the uploaded images.

Schedule a Payment

4. Schedule Payment

Schedule approved invoices for payment.

Back-office System Integration

5. Send to Back Office

Fintech will send you a daily file for integration into your back-office system.

Why Our Clients Love AP Automation

Improve Your Financial Planning and Make Informed Decisions

By gaining real-time visibility into your accounts payable. Track your non-alcohol invoices and alcohol payments effortlessly in one place.

Eliminate Spending Hours on Tedious Tasks

Eliminate tasks such as duplicate data entry and invoice matching. AP automation lets you experience time-saving efficiencies.

Stop Wasting Time on Duplicate Data Entry

Keep your data flowing into your back office or inventory systems with one of our 73 out-of-the-box integrations! C-Store Pro, PetroSoft, SSCS, and more!

Simplify Reconciliation with Speed

Ditch the spreadsheet fatigue and enjoy faster reconciliation with increased accuracy, easier invoice tracking, and real-time status updates.  

Pay All Your Invoices Securely

Simplify your accounts payable processes and securely pay all your non-alcohol invoices using our AP automation module.

Integrate Directly With Your Back-Office System

Take advantage of back-office system integrations for all your invoices. Our AP automation module integrates with the logos below and many more.

C-Store Pro
Quickbooks online
Crunch Time

AP Automation Option Table

Find which features fit your business needs best. Choose between summary detail, line-item detail, summary with payments, or line-item detail with payments.

AP Automation Option Table

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