For Retailers & Their Supplier Partners

Increase Cash Flow
One Scan at a Time

Did you know inventory costs are 7% higher than they were two years ago?* Eliminate inventory levels and adopt consignment selling using Scan-Based Trading (SBT).

Working Together to Align Supply and Demand at the Point of Sale

Suppliers use daily POS data to ensure optimal product levels and to reduce out-of-stocks while removing the retailer burden of carrying inventory. This harmonized approach leads to increased sales, more cash-on-hand, and strategic partnerships for everyone.

A Testimonial from Our Client

“DSD is an area of frustration for many retailers in the industry.”

Chevron was no exception. Our gross margins were low, the turnover of distributors high, and our price book department inundated with constant changes. We decided to find a company that would help manage this area with us. iControl stood out as a premier company. They have the knowledge, distributor base, and the customer base that makes them invaluable to the segment. It's incredible the amount of expense we have taken out of our day-to-day business as a result of their involvement.

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*Statistic provided by the Federal Reserve