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It’s 2024 – and many businesses still rely on paper checks for B2B payments. Traditional manual accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable processes (AR) clog up key commercial transactions, especially in the alcohol industry, where there are issues of compliance with state regulations and repetitive manual processes with keying in line-item invoice information.

There is a better way of facilitating B2B transactions – electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments. EFT B2B payments carry a host of benefits for all sides. Fintech’s PaymentSource® is an example of an EFT system that not only provides automated payments but also purchase data reporting insights and simplified reconciliation. Let’s explore why ditching paper checks in favor of EFT payments is a game-changer.

The Drawbacks of Paper Checks for Alcohol Invoice Payments

Time-Consuming Process

Writing, sending, receiving, depositing, and processing paper checks involves several manual steps. In the fast-paced alcohol industry, this sluggish process can hinder timely payments, which can disrupt alcohol deliveries and interfere with keeping accurate inventory and financial records.

Increased Risk of Errors and Fraud

Checks are susceptible to errors, fraud, and potential loss during transit. Manual data entry leaves room for mistakes, leading to payment delays and reconciliation issues.

Delayed Funds Availability

Check clearing often takes days, causing delays in funds availability. For businesses in the alcohol industry, where cash flow is crucial, this lag can impact operations and growth.

High Processing Costs

The handling and processing of paper checks incur various costs, including stationery, postage, bank fees, and labor. These expenses can significantly add up over time. When an alcohol delivery is dropped off, workflows stop while a manger has to take time to cut a check. The distributor driver also has to interrupt their workflow while they are waiting for payment.

Advantages of EFT Payments for Alcohol B2B Transactions

Speed and Efficiency

EFT payments significantly reduce processing time. Transactions are completed in real-time or within a few business days, ensuring quicker access to funds for both parties involved.

Enhanced Security and Accuracy

EFT payments offer greater security through encrypted transactions and reduced human intervention, minimizing the risk of errors and fraud. Electronic payments typically come with an automated integration that streamlines invoice data entry with no errors, ensuring accurate inventory accounts and insight into cost variance.

Improved Cash Flow Management

With faster payments, businesses in the alcohol industry can better manage their cash flow, ensuring timely inventory replenishment and operational efficiency.


EFT payments eliminate the need for paper, envelopes, stamps, and manual processing, reducing overall transaction costs and streamlining accounting processes.

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General Benefits of EFT Payments in B2B Transactions

Automation and Integration

EFT systems can be integrated with accounting or back-office software, streamlining reconciliation and reducing administrative burdens. For example, PaymentSource integrates with over 200 different back-office systems and can also deliver an electronic file for self-import.

Accessibility and Convenience

EFT payments can be initiated and received remotely, providing convenience and accessibility to businesses regardless of location.


EFT systems easily adapt to growing transaction volumes and business expansions, ensuring scalability without compromising efficiency.

Compliance and Auditing

EFT systems often offer detailed transaction records, aiding in compliance with financial regulations and simplifying auditing processes.

Digitize Your Invoice Paper Trail With EFT B2B Payments

Transitioning from paper checks to EFT payments for alcohol invoice transactions is not just a modernization step but a strategic move toward efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness. While change can sometimes be challenging, the benefits of EFT payments in the alcohol industry far outweigh the familiarity of traditional checks.

By embracing EFT systems like Fintech’s PaymentSource, businesses can navigate the landscape more adeptly, optimize their financial operations, and forge stronger, more efficient partnerships within the industry.

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