Invoice data integration

Go from slow to seamless with PaymentSource® data integration.

If you have been using PaymentSource, you already know how it saves time with invoice payment for alcohol deliveries. Did you know you could be saving even more time on invoice information entry with automatic data integration?

Optimize your time and help protect your bottom line with accurate data entry by taking full advantage of automated invoice line-item incorporation. It minimizes all the time wasted manually keying in invoice data. Don’t get stuck in the old ways of invoice management! With constant developments in technology, there are multiple ways to increase overall back-office efficiency.


You know the ‘domino effect’ of human error caused by manual entry…


It is the end of the month and your Profit & Loss statement has some questionable numbers. Now you are looking for an incorrect price, quantity, or package entry and double-checking that you correctly coded all purchased products into the system. You may then find yourself looking under your desk for a missing invoice or checking to see if there was a double entry.

Customers should receive the experience you work so hard to deliver – but how would you know? You are stuck sifting through invoices in the back office and not out on the floor with them. PaymentSource’s line-item integration eliminates double data entry and provides a single source of truth for your organization – meaning fewer errors and greater accuracy in your reporting.

The standard option is to receive a daily EDI file with your alcohol invoice information to upload yourself. Upgrading to automatic data integration is a quick process and starts working right away. Whichever method you choose, there is no need to switch back-office systems. PaymentSource® integrates seamlessly with Intuit Quickbooks, Yellow Dog, PDI, R365, Compeat, and more!

Read more about PaymentSource® and see why 1 out of every 3 alcohol retailers use Fintech to automate their business and drive operational efficiency.

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