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QuickBooks offers solutions to meet the needs of any business, but which platform is best for you?

In the world of accounting software, few names are as recognizable as QuickBooks. Business operators of all shapes and sizes utilize Intuit’s various online and desktop programs for their invoicing, tracking, and reporting. Beyond even just the alcohol category, QuickBooks has functions that help optimize entire operations from one single platform, from payroll to inventory management, sales tracking, and more. So, why do alcohol operators across the country love using QuickBooks for their category management? 


With plans broken down based on specific business needs, you’re sure to find a solution that fits in with your business’s budget. Whether you’re looking for QuickBooks Online, which ranges anywhere from $25 to $150 a month depending on capabilities, or QuickBooks Desktop, which utilizes license pricing ranging from $299.95 to $1091.70 per year depending on capabilities and licenses. For most alcohol businesses, QuickBooks Online will serve as the most cost-effective option, with month-to-month subscriptions that won’t tie up cashflow. Plus, Intuit offers a free trial of QuickBooks Online, their top pick for accounting software. 


Aside from pricing, the next thing to consider is the functionality, and with QuickBooks, there is a lot. Both Online and Desktop boast a wide assortment of reliable, industry-specific features that make managing any facet of business a breeze. Both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop have just about any accounting report that a business would need, including a simple balance sheet, profit and loss report, cashflow statement, and more. Together, QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop offer over 200 different reports! 


Especially in the fast-paced alcohol industry, mobility is a benefit that can’t be overlooked. For QuickBooks Online specifically, users have the freedom to access their invoice records and inventory reports from anywhere there’s an internet connection! Through this cloudbased technology, users gain access to real-time reporting, which in turn allows them to investigate potential problems and make operational changes before their bottom line is impacted. Plus, since this version is 100% hosted by Intuit, they take care of the security surrounding your data – one less thing for you to worry about.


Both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop both offer hundreds of integrations, with the Online version offering over 650 itself. If you’re looking to cover all your business bases, the online programs will definitely help you do just that – and even better, you can now integrate your Fintech alcohol data directly into QuickBooks Online! All these integrations make it easy for even the biggest company to home in on things affecting their profits and manage their business more effectively.  

No matter your specific alcohol category requirements or business needs, QuickBooks has a solution for back-office management. And if you’re currently using one of Intuit’s Desktop programs but want to take advantage of accessing your Fintech alcohol data, Intuit makes it easy to upgrade to one of their online programs without losing any of your financial data, customer lists, transaction history, chart of accounts, or other reports you may have built.

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