Tampa, FL, October 11, 2019 – Processing $8 billion in payments for its beverage alcohol retailers and distributors in the third quarter alone, Financial-Information-Technologies, LLC (“Fintech”) continues to solidify its position as the nationwide leader in beverage alcohol management. For nearly three decades, Fintech has provided an integrated platform built to support the success of clients of all sizes. Important developments include onboarding several new retailers, distributors, and suppliers with locations across the country.

This quarter, Fintech added 45,000 new relationships to its overall total, which now exceeds 600,000 processing with over 4,000 alcohol distributors. Notable, long-term Fintech clients, including Walmart, Giant Eagle, Ruby Tuesday, Pilot Travel Centers, Walgreens, Cheesecake Factory, and Family Dollar Stores, continued utilizing PaymentSource® in new locations to control costs, build margins, and grow profits.

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Fintech also welcomed numerous new retail clients attracted by top-notch client service, profit-building analytics, and unrivaled distributor coverage.

New clients selecting Fintech’s PaymentSource solution throughout the third quarter included:

G&M Oil Company
G&M Oil Company has over 175 locations throughout California. They chose Fintech last quarter to increase efficiency in managing their beverage alcohol category.

Round Table Pizza
Round Table Pizza is a popular pizza parlor with hundreds of locations across the country. In August, they joined Fintech to streamline their alcohol business.

BFS Foods
In August, BFS Foods, a large chain of convenience stores, implemented Fintech to ensure compliance and simplify the way they purchase alcohol.

GPS Hospitality Huts
GPS Hospitality Huts has selected Fintech to maximize operating efficiencies and increase profits within their alcohol category for their 20 Pizza Hut locations.

Triple Shift Entertainment
Triple Shift Entertainment operates ten bowling alleys and event spaces throughout Minnesota. They’ve chosen to launch Fintech’s PaymentSource to gain valuable insight into their alcohol purchases.

The Candle Bar
The Candle Bar is a unique establishment that allows people to create and pour their own candles while sipping a glass of wine. Now, they’re using Fintech to simplify alcohol payment and invoice reconciliation processes for all of their locations.

159 New Fintech Distributors and Suppliers
In the third quarter, 159 distributors and suppliers adopted Fintech to improve operational efficiencies and maximize revenue growth through automated, on-time payment collection, strategic sales resources, and effective communication tools. Fintech has developed a platform for distributors of all sizes – including craft brewers, small-batch distilleries, boutique wineries, and the nation’s largest beer, wine, and spirits wholesalers.

Distributors who enrolled in Fintech in the third quarter include:

Great Lakes Brewing Co.
In August, the Cleveland, OH based Great Lakes Brewing Co. chose Fintech’s Lilypad Solution to drive sales representative efficiency, better communicate with wholesaler partners, and gain insight into their market, allowing them to more strategically plan placements.

Fermented Tea Company
Last month, Fermented Tea Company brought their business on board. They’ve introduced Fintech to simplify their invoice payment collection and business processes.

Snowbridge Distilling
Snowbridge Distilling is a Seattle, WA based importer of baijiu, a type of Chinese liquor. They now use Fintech to automate alcohol payment collection and keep their retailers compliant.

Grand Illusion Hard Cider
Grand Illusion Hard Cider not only boasts the largest selection of Pennsylvania cider on draft, they distribute their product throughout the state. They chose Fintech to simplify and streamline their retailers’ alcohol remittance.

To learn more about why these and thousands of other clients nationwide chose Fintech to manage their beverage alcohol business, click here.

About Fintech
Fintech, the leading business solutions provider for the beverage alcohol industry, offers a OneSource® solution for beverage alcohol management built to empower alcohol suppliers, distributors and retailers with actionable data. With decades of industry experience and knowledge, paired with unwavering dependability and trust, Fintech continues to lead the development of technologies built to increase margins and maximize operating efficiencies for anyone who sells alcohol. From product ordering, invoice management and reconciliation, and data reporting, to pricing and promotion communication, sales strategy, payment compliance adherence, and regulatory resource connectivity, Fintech delivers strategic, integrated solutions that connect over 600,000 business relationships nationwide.

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