Alcohol Delivery From Retailers to Consumers: A Quickly Expanding Privilege
Jul 7, 2023
Written By: Wendy Turk, Director, Regulatory Affairs
Category: Regulations | Retailers | Suppliers
third-party alcohol delivery


Even with the COVID-19 pandemic squarely in our rearview mirror, the on-prem alcohol industry continues to enjoy the expansion of retail privileges that were accelerated by modifications born from the pandemic.

What were once emergency allowances to allow alcohol to be served outdoors on sidewalks and in parking lots are now becoming permanent retail privileges in many states. What were once emergency allowances for on-prem to sell alcohol to-go are now becoming permanent privileges in many states.


States That Allow Retail Alcohol Delivery

As of today, 44 states allow alcohol delivery from retailers to consumers – either from on-prem, off-prem, or both. For retailers looking to simply meet consumer demand for alcoholic beverages to be delivered, or provide specialty drinks with take-out meals, or generate a little extra revenue, the expanding delivery privileges across the country allows retailers this option.


alcohol delivery to consumers map


In and of itself, alcohol delivery to consumers does allow retailers to meet customer demand and, potentially, realize a little extra revenue. Based on individual state laws though, the revenue part is largely dependent on the ability to outsource delivery services to a third-party delivery service provider (think Instacart, Uber Eats, Grub Hub, Saucey etc.).


States That Allow Third-Party Retail Alcohol Delivery

There are currently 34 states that allow alcohol retailers to outsource delivery to consumers.


3rd party alcohol delivery allowed map


In states that allow third-party delivery of alcohol, retailers stand a better chance of meeting consumer demand AND earning a small bit of revenue. In the states that do not allow third-party delivery services, though, the retailers must use their own employees to make deliveries. The logistics and cost can almost negate any profits that the retailer would hope to earn.


Some States Looking to Introduce Third-Party Delivery

There is hope for retailers wanting the opportunity to outsource delivery of alcoholic beverages. In 2023, there were at least nine states that introduced legislative bills to allow third-party delivery.

  • Wisconsin
  • Kansas
  • South Carolina
  • Vermont
  • Alaska
  • Oklahoma
  • Maryland
  • Arkansas
  • Montana

So far, none of the delivery bills in these states have passed, but I think it’s reasonable for retailers to hold out hope that the conversations will continue and the bills will be re-introduced in the next legislative session.


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