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Why eliminating manual data entry is crucial to running a successful beverage alcohol management program.

We’ve all heard the age-old saying, “I’m only human!” and it’s true – humans make mistakes, it’s inevitable. Most often this quote is used to describe the decisions we make in our personal lives, however, human error can show up in our day-to-day work life as well. Whether we’re misspelling a word in an email, bringing the wrong side dish with someone’s steak, mispricing an item in our POS, or missing a digit or decimal place when we’re entering numbers in a spreadsheet – we’re only human! Are there steps we could be taking to eliminate as much human error as possible in our business operation?

When it comes to managing your alcohol category, Fintech finds that human error is most prevalent when manually entering your alcohol invoice line items into your back office or accounting system. The average retail operator has four alcohol deliveries a week, with 14 line items on each invoice. That’s at least 56 opportunities a week to enter incorrect data into the system that ultimately drives your future purchase, spend, and operating decisions – it’s imperative to be making these fundamental business decisions based on clear and accurate data. Fintech maintains a full suite of automated business solutions for beverage alcohol management, including the ability to integrate alcohol invoice data directly into your back-office or accounting system. Our integration options mitigate the potential for human error to ensure your records are accurate, clean, and up to date, all in a timely manner.

Each day, as your paid invoices are posted to your Fintech portal, you will receive a matching data file to align the same invoice line items with your accounting system. This ensures a timely and accurate picture of your alcohol spend, including any credits you may have received. Fintech manages over 600 standard and custom integrations into the most popular back-office, accounting, and inventory solutions including: QuickBooks Online, Sculpture Hospitality Bevinco, PDI Software, Restaurant365, and many more.

Not only do these integrations allow you to make confident purchasing and inventory decisions based on reliable and accurate data, but they also save countless labor hours. Why spend time on manual data entry when you could focus on other aspects of your business?

To learn more about Fintech’s automated business solutions, including our seamless back-office or accounting data invoice integration, contact us today!

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