NAG Conference

The National Advisory Group (NAG) for Convenience Retail is hosting its 2023 Conference in Austin, TX, from March 26-29. Fintech is a proud conference sponsor, and Mark Kimber, Chief Revenue Officer, and Eric Flores, Director of Enterprise Sales, will be at our booth demonstrating how Fintech leverages your payment data to improve your profitability and achieve the margins you are trying to achieve.


What to Expect at the Conference

The NAG Conference is considered the convenience store industry’s premier event for network, industry education, and NAG’s signature Information Exchanges. Attendees can learn, connect, and network with cstore industry leaders and leave with strategies to grow sales and profits. View the conference agenda here.

You can learn more about Fintech’s solutions and how they address different pain points of the cstore market.



Our PaymentSource platform automates manual alcohol invoice payments – whether COD or term – simplifies reconciliation and eliminates hours of manual invoice data entry by integrating with your back-office system. Other perks include:

  • Simplify Your Delivery Check-In Process
  • Illuminate Escrows and Money Orders
  • Streamline Data Entry and GL Coding
  • Price Discrepancy Tracking
  • Digital Copies of Invoices
  • Distributor Credit Requests


Actionable Insights Margin Protection

For cstores, protecting your beverage alcohol sales margins can be challenging, especially when the cost of items changes unexpectedly, store prices vary, and distributor naming conventions are complex. With Actionable Insights Margin Protection, we convert your alcohol invoice data into actionable insights that identify specific product SKUs by location that are having margin compressions.


Improve Margins and Maximize Unrealized Revenue Potential

The 2023 NAG Conference will be full of helpful takeaways for cstores to improve their business management. Be sure to stop by our booth to learn more about how Fintech’s solutions can drive cost savings while protecting your margins. Our team will be happy to answer any questions and demonstrate how our Actionable Insights Margin Protection can improve operational efficiency across all your locations along with presenting a case study on how this solution helped a customer identify over $10M in margin opportunities!

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