Fintech will be a sponsor at Vibe Conference 2023 in San Diego on February 27 – March 1. You can catch us at the Technology Showcase, which will be open throughout the conference.

From the Vibe Conference agenda:

“Immerse yourself in the latest technology taking over the beverage industry. From mobile payment systems, QR code solutions, POS and more, the Technology Showcase at Vibe Conference provides the best experience to demo new solutions, ask questions directly to the experts, and receive special product offers direct from the supplier.”

We will showcase multiple Fintech solutions and how they can create efficiencies for your hospitality business.

Actionable Insights Compliance Module

Our Compliance Module is a data-enhanced solution that helps remove the stress and time constraints associated with beverage program management. Its ready-made charts and analyses provide the opportunity to change behaviors at program or location level so businesses can see increased compliance rates, improve vendor relationships, drive consistency across locations, and boost profitability.

The Compliance Module solves multiple common problems, including:

Lack of Transparency

Businesses don’t always have access to up-to-date purchasing data for all their locations, leaving them in the dark when assessing compliance rates.

Time-Consuming Analysis

Even with access to up-to-date data, significant amounts of time are required to assess compliance rates across multiple geographically dispersed locations.

Insufficient Ability to Optimize

Without knowledge of on-program product performance as well as off-program products being purchased, it’s hard for businesses to know which products they must prioritize and which ones to drop from their programs.

Dependency on Suppliers

Retailers are limited in their relationships with suppliers without comprehensive supplier spending metrics and compliance data.

Payment Solutions

With over 200,000 businesses relying on Fintech to automate their back office, our payment solutions allow managers to focus on what really matters – loyal customers, employees, and revenue growth.


Our PaymentSource platform automates manual alcohol invoice payments – whether COD or term – simplifies reconciliation and eliminates hours of manual invoice data entry by integrating with your back-office system. Some other components include:

  • GL Coding
  • Price Discrepancy Tracking
  • Digital Copies of Invoices
  • Distributor Credit Requests

OrderSource is a purchase order processing system facilitating better communication between retailers and distributors. It allows you to send all your beverage alcohol purchase orders to your distributors electronically in a simple format. Best of all, OrderSource and PaymentSource work hand-in-hand to ensure a valid PO number is issued with your on-time payment.

AP Automation

Fintech is not just for alcohol anymore! We created the AP Automation feature for our PaymentSource clients to digitize all your invoices to better help with automating your accounts payable processes. AP Automation also comes with GL coding and electronic file integration into your back-office system.

We Hope to See You There!

Stop by the Technology Showcase and learn more about our data and payment solutions and how they can improve your beverage alcohol business. You can also request a demo to see how our solutions for yourself.

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