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Bev alc suppliers are in a competitive space, fighting for every inch of shelf space across every account they can find. In today’s market, enlisting the help of various alcohol technology platforms is instrumental for success. These technologies help suppliers streamline their operations, enhance customer experiences and maintain quality assurance as their sales footprint expands from regional to national.

One such tool is Lilypad, a customer relationship management (CRM) solution powered by Fintech and designed specifically for beverage suppliers and their sales teams. Lilypad combines multiple intuitive features to optimize supplier alcohol sales. It functions as an agile CRM that allows you to coach, plan and manage your team.

Track and Manage All Placements

Lilypad has an automated placement tracker that helps improve closing rates and manage alcohol sales funnels. It shows placement commitments, fulfillments, lost placements and placements with pending issues. Sales reps can click into these accounts for updates, notes and more.

Users can bridge the gap between placements and fulfillment with better communication. Lilypad allows teams to draft and store in-depth account recaps on new placements, visits, promotions and issues. Reps and managers use these detailed notes to assess performance and execution.

Be More Efficient With Account Visits

Take the guesswork out of tracking which accounts need to be prioritized. Lilypad’s map view consolidates all contacts, notes, updates and activities in one place, allowing reps to better plan their route to focus on accounts needing attention. Users can apply sales attributes to drill further down into their target area with the help of wholesaler depletion data. There are also other fully customizable attributes like “best day to visit,” “best time to visit,” and “distributor order day,” all of which improve rep efficiency.

Managers can preset questions that reps go through with each site visit. The rep will walk into a store, look around and record what they see based on the manager’s checklist. There is even the capability to upload photos of placements directly into the app. This retailer survey guides reps in focusing on critical areas of each account. All that data is collected into Lilypad for future analysis with the entire alcohol sales team.

Consolidate Digital Assets Into One App

It’s easy to have resources but harder to store them all in one place. Lilypad solves this with its Digital Asset Manager. All marketing, product and training materials are available in one convenient location. Sales reps can instantly share these assets with accounts and distributors with a few clicks. It is also a great information hub to refresh on brands and SKUs before walking into an account or wholesaler warehouse.

Don’t Sweat the Tech-Nique

Lilypad’s CRM integration is a fantastic way to blend technology and alcohol sales for improved results. The whole point is to make life easier through automation and tools that empower sales teams to be more successful in the field. Beverage suppliers can capitalize on technical solutions like Lilypad to increase alcohol sales and sell more liquid.

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