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Kerry Group, a multinational public food company, recently developed two plant-based processing aids as part of its “Eco Range” collection. The collection offers brewers innovative solutions to reduce their environmental impact while still being able to create artfully crafted beer. These two aids – Biofine Eco and FermCap Eco – are sustainable, enhance beer quality, and create processing efficiencies while reducing costs.


Biofine Eco

Biofine Eco works by delivering an instantaneous flocculation of yeast. According to Craft Beer & Brewing, flocculation is “the tendency of yeast cells to aggregate together, forming a multicellular mass and sedimenting rapidly from the suspended medium or rising to the surface.” And yeast flocculation, specifically, “is a complex phenomenon occurring in brewer’s yeast under various conditions near the end of the fermentation process.”

Flocculation is a variable process and certain yeast strains have different flocculation types. As brewers refine their processes to fit their needs, yeast waste can build up over time. There are also lower flocculation beers, like wheats, that are necessary to make but lead to more buildup over time. Some strains require a clarification aid to speed up the process, adding chemicals into the mix.

Kerry’s Biofine Eco does not require a centrifuge for the clarification process. It was developed as both a chemical and allergen-free alternative to standard clarification aids. This solution offers reduced turbidity, improves beer recovery, and enhances the quality of the product. It is also more economical to use long-term as it reduces the work output in the brewing process.


FermCap Eco

The other new aid for the brewing process is FermCap Eco, a foam-control product that optimizes brewing efficiency by reducing cleaning-in-place (CIP) time and frequency. FermCap Eco increases fermenter capacity by reducing foam height by up to 15% in the vessel. This allows for better hop utilization and reduces over-foaming. This product extends filter run length and membrane life and is compatible with both membrane and crossflow filtration mechanisms and processes.

FermCap Eco helps avoid membrane fouling across longer filtrations. This creates a better-filtered final product for consumers.  It also reduces the risk of exposing brewing equipment to different types of fouling, which requires intense and expensive chemical cleaning. Another interesting aspect of FermCap Eco is that it isn’t sensitive to colder temperatures. This means brewers in the colder Northern Hemisphere don’t have to worry about storage and transportation.


Commitment to a Cleaner Future

Kerry’s intention with the Eco Brewing Range is to create environmentally friendly, cost-saving solutions for brewers. Deborah Waters, product director of brewing ingredients, Kerry, spoke of the benefits Biofine Eco and FermCap Eco bring to the brewing industry.

“We are proud to introduce Biofine Eco and a FermCap Eco, which have been specifically designed as environmentally friendly solutions to replace traditional fining and antifoam options with plant-based alternatives. These innovative ingredients are better for the planet and the production process by enhancing the beer quality, increasing production efficiencies, reducing carbon footprint, and increasing throughput,” Waters said.

Products like Biofine Eco and FermCap Eco are a testament to the innovative engineering behind the scenes of the cold, refreshing beer you can enjoy at the end of the day. Many brewers are looking for sustainable practices after dealing with things like inflation, CO2 shortage, and supply chain delays. These practices not only help brewers but reduces the impact of brewing on the environment.

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