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What are the Biggest Beer Holidays?


It’s 2018, and it’s time to start planning your beer purchases for the upcoming holidays. Fintech’s InfoSource™ brings you the holiday rankings for beer purchases by retailers in 2017. How do these rankings compare to your beer sales volumes? Taking a look back at 2017’s beer sales will help you better prepare and properly manage your 2018 beer inventory. Don’t get surprised this year, make sure you’re fully stocked when these holidays roll around again.



According to InfoSource, the top beer holidays are:

Fourth of July: Fireworks aren’t the only things that are hot during July. People love to cool off with a cold one on the Fourth, so make sure your inventory is ready for the onslaught of Independence Day revelers!

Memorial Day: While it may still be spring in some parts of the country, by the end of May summer has set in for most of the South. Many Americans are getting together on this long weekend to enjoy family, friends, food, and libations. Help them stock their refrigerators!

Labor Day: Labor Day is another holiday associated with backyard barbecues and cold brews. The temperatures are higher, as summer is in full swing across the country, so make sure you have the beers on hand to sell!

Christmas and New Year’s Eve: It may be cold outside, at least across most of the country, but the holidays are a time of celebration and family. This generally means toasting the good times, whether at home or out on the town. You’ll definitely want to make sure you’ve properly prepared your inventory for this time of year.

Easter: We may not think of Easter as a beer drinking holiday, but think of the time of year. Easter falls at the beginning of spring, and many people are happy to shed their winter coats and head outside for egg hunts and good conversation. Families get together to mark the holiday, cooking big meals, and kicking back with a beer or two. Plus, Lent has just ended, so that could have something to do with it. Be ready to make those sales!



You’ll notice that most of the top beer drinking holidays fall during the warmer months, so it’s easy to associate a cold beer with them. No matter the holiday, when an occasion calls for a friendly get together, it’s a good idea to have beer on hand.

Find this information helpful? Fintech’s InfoSource™ has even more great data to help you plan your inventory throughout the year, letting you know when to order more, which will help you increase your bottom line.

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