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Break out your spooky masks and get the good glasses – it’s Halloween time witches!


Halloween here at Fintech is the stuff of legends. We’ve had the Bat Mobile crashing through a wall, we’ve built tunnels to Wonderland, and even had a life-sized Finding Nemo fish tank, bubbles and all. Now that it’s October, we’re gearing up for another scary year, and that includes busting out the very best spirits (drinks, not ghosts). We’ve combined our two favorite aspects of Halloween to bring you a magical pairing guide of candy and booze that’s sure to stir up some frightful delight!

Hershey’s Chocolate Bar – Perhaps one of the most iconic Halloween candies is the Hershey’s Chocolate Bar. The smooth, delicious chocolate melts perfectly on the palate, and can be paired effortlessly with an equally decadent red wine. Enjoy your Hershey’s with a glass of Pinot Noir for a relaxing evening watching Hocus Pocus.

Kit Kat – Move over toil and trouble, the newest ingredients for a knockout potion are Kit Kats and bourbon! Mix the crispy, chocolate treat with an Old Fashioned for a perfectly balanced combo to enjoy while telling ghost stories around the campfire.

Candy Corn – It seems like the division between those who like candy corn and those who don’t grows deeper each year. While the debate rages on, I think it’s fairly bipartisan to say that everyone loves bubbly! Match up the tri-colored candy with a flute of champagne for a classy combo fit for the wife of Frankenstein.

Almond Joy – Here in Florida, it’s not uncommon to experience temperatures in the 80’s while trick-or-treating. The palm fronds still blow in the breeze and we wear flip flips with our costumes. A pair fitting for our day at the beach on Halloween is an Almond Joy and a cold, creamy Pina Colada!

Baby Ruth – October isn’t just home to Halloween, it’s also home to playoff baseball. To pay homage to both, we’re pairing up the peanut covered nougat candy with beer! Grab a great Oktoberfest or pumpkin ale and root for your team with a Baby Ruth bar! Not sure which beer to get? Check out our Oktoberfest Taste Test blog!

Sour Patch Kids – The sour-then-sweet candy brings perfect balance to a spirit best served with salt – tequila! We love the idea of mixing margaritas with Sour Patch Kids for a salty-sweet combination that’s the perfect accessory to your Dracula costume.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – Peanut butter and chocolate itself is a match made in heaven, so it might seem hard to make it better, but I’ll try. The dreamy peanut butter and chocolate combination is perfectly complimented by the slight bite of a great rye whiskey. Sip a Manhattan and dive into those Reese’s as you decorate your haunted mansion!

Gummy Bears – Soak uber-sweet gummy bears IN vodka. Put a bowl out at your Halloween party. Enjoy. That’s it, there’s no elaboration necessary! This combination speaks for itself.

No matter what your taste buds prefer, there’s definitely a candy-cocktail combo out there for you! What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

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