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Get Your Business Organized for 2019



The start of a new year is a great time to reflect on the year that’s past and reorganize for the year ahead. For businesses, staying organized can mean the difference between success and failure. Countless studies have been conducted to prove that proper organization helps improve accuracy, reduce stress, and save valuable time.

Start by organizing your office area and storeroom. Clean out the clutter, shred any unnecessary paperwork, and get a handle on your employee documentation. Research proves that a clean and clear physical environment, promotes productivity, and alleviates many of the work day stressors. Plus, it will help you quickly find important business documents, and will help your employees locate needed products without your help. Once your area is cleaned up, be sure to enforce a system or operating procedure to help keep it organized.


Next up is your digital portfolio. Chances are, if you’re a business operating in 2018, you have thousands of downloads, spreadsheets, or files that need to be organized. Clean up your hard-drive and digital folders by implementing a system that’s clearly labeled and easily understood. Having all your programs and files catalogued by name or date will save you time and give you the head start you need for the new year. We all know that audits and tax regulations will have you stressed going into 2019 – make sure your data is easily accessible!



Want to really start 2019 with a bang? Let Fintech be the ultimate organizational tool for your beverage alcohol category! Fintech’s PaymentSource® can help clear out your paper invoice stash and it automates your data feeds – it also eliminates your manual invoice entry processes, so that’s like a double-time-saving-whammy. While we can’t personally organize your desk or computer files (though that’s a project of mine at the moment), PaymentSource can give you access to view all your alcohol invoices online, and better yet, download those invoices right into the folder you just clearly labeled.

Do you need a special data spreadsheet for a yearly business or tax audit? We can help with that too! We have thousands of customized data reports available that can simplify your process and put all the information at your fingertips. In 2018 alone we created custom Fintech InfoSource™ Spend by Supplier and Spend by Distributor reports that helped major retail chains put a bow on 2018, and dive into 2019 with the confidence they need to effectively plan for the year. Start collecting your 2019 data today!

Interested in learning more about how Fintech can organize your beverage alcohol program? Contact us today!

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