Rosés Not Roses for Your Valentine
May 16, 2019
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Rosés Not Roses for Your Valentine


Rosés are hot right now, so why not give your Valentine something they’ll really love? Skip the flowers and go for wine. Rosés are perfect for the day—they come in reds and pinks, some are bubbly, some are sweet, and all are delicious.



How Rosés are Made

Contrary to popular belief, rosés are not made by simply mixing white and red wines together. Instead, red grapes—of any type, are lightly crushed and left to marinade in their skins. They can be left to soak for as little as a few hours to several days. Then, the juices are strained and the wine is fermented. The longer it ferments, the darker the red color and the more tannins you’ll taste.

The Best Vintage

Unlike other wines, you don’t want to look for an older vintage, and you don’t want to buy a rosé to ‘age’. They taste fresher the newer they are, so look for the newest vintage available.

Speaking of Taste

Like we said before, rosés come in all shapes and sizes (okay, all colors and tastes). While many rosés are dry, you can find some sweeter rosés, especially sparkling rosés. Most rosés have more of a mineral, fruity taste (think melon, strawberry, peach, apricot) and are highly acidic.

Plus, each type of rosé will have a bit of a different flavor and a different color depending on the type of grape used. You can buy rosés of Pinot Noir, rosés of Sangiovese, Grenache, Tempranillo, and on and on. Just check the bottle before you buy to see which grapes were used.

A bottle of wine is the perfect Valentine’s gift (and don’t forget how well rosés pair with chocolate…)!

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