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Olympic Drinks


You tell us your favorite Olympic event, and we’ll tell you what tasty beverage to enjoy while you’re watching! We have multiple Olympic drinks to choose from!

Are you into Alpine skiing? Love the rush of the downhill slalom? The speed? The ease of the athletes? Try a pineapple orange creamsicle mimosa! It’s classic, it’s cold (it’s frozen for goodness sake), and if you drink it too fast, you’ll get a head rush—just like the rush of the downhill ski!


Alpine Skiing


Who can watch the bobsled event without thinking of its origins (alright, you probably have no idea how it originated, but just go with it). Bobsledding began in the late 19th century when the Swiss put two skeleton sleds together and then added a steering

mechanism. It was basically a toboggan. A chassis was then added for extra protection. So, since we’re basically watching a toboggan competition, why not choose a warm drink that reminds us of our childhoods? A spiked hot chocolate, anyone? Or, for the more grown-up version, enjoy a Hot Toddy as you watch the event.



Curling seems to be a very popular event recently, because what’s more fun to watch than eight people pushing a stone around an ice rink with brooms? Since the sport does have Scottish origins (it’s actually one of the world’s oldest team sports. It originated in Scotland during the 16th century in Scotland, where it was played during the winter on frozen ponds), why not have a Scottish whiskey as you watch? It will keep you warm as you watch them freeze on the ice.

And of course, there are a lot of figure skating fans out there. This event has been part of the Olympics since 1908,when it was included in the Summer Olympics. It became a winter event in 1924. The Roaring Twenties! Fitzgerald, Mint Juleps! Yes! Enjoy a refreshing, minty drink as you watch the graceful figure skaters do their Axels, Flips, and Loops.



Who isn’t watching those crazy snowboarders? Snowboarding didn’t join the Winter Olympics until 1998; today, Shaun White really owns the sport for Americans, so why not have a Bloody Mary in honor of White’s tomato-red hair?

The Luge is another fun event to watch. You start out knowing nothing about the sport and two minutes in you’re an expert. Luge athletes are crazy! Hurtling down a slippery ice track at amazing speeds, relying on nothing but their own reflexes to steer them…without the protection of a sled. Insane! If you love the luge, you need a drink just as wild. Maybe you just need a shot or two.

Finally, what would the Winter Olympics be without hockey? If you’re a hockey fan, only a beer will do. Grab an all-American beer, maybe a classic lager, sit back, and cheer on your team. Try not to throw anything at the TV…

What’s your favorite event? Have a drink that pairs perfectly? Let us know!

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