On-premises mixed alcohol retailers must weigh the cost versus the benefits of enrolling in delivery.

Recent legislation introduced a spirits delivery option to Mixed Beverage (MXB) retailers from their designated Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) Board as of July 1. This change could create substantial time savings for retailers and could potentially save on other operating costs.

All liquor stores in North Carolina are controlled by the state. House Bill 890 – passed in 2021 – requires that these stores offer delivery. Historically, MXB alcohol retailers were required to go to their designated ABC store to pick up their spirits purchases. While in-person pickup is still available, this new delivery option presents an alternative that could give valuable time back to managers to focus on their business if they find this service cost-effective. If alcohol retailers choose the delivery option, the ABC store will select the delivery method. The stores can send their own employees to handle delivery, but they will likely enlist a third-party delivery service.

ABC stores enrolled in Fintech can seamlessly collect payment for both product and delivery electronically if the ABC assesses delivery charges. This service gives these stores and retailers using Fintech another added benefit by removing the manual process associated with payment collection and submission. On-premises alcohol businesses will need to weigh the cost and benefits of having their spirits delivered.

Demand for delivery remains to be seen, but whichever option alcohol retailers choose, Fintech still drives value by optimizing the purchasing process. We will keep an eye on this delivery rollout and any future developments with alcohol regulation in the Tarheel State as well as across the nation.

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