Use Fintech as your OneSource for complete invoice data processing. We're more than just alcohol invoices.

If you use a Fintech integration for alcohol purchases, you already know the time and cost-saving benefits of automated alcohol invoice data entry. But now, Fintech handles more than just alcohol. Our Premium offering captures all vendor line-item invoice data and delivers it seamlessly into your back-office system using an integration or daily file. Process all invoices for alcohol, business services, COGS, and operating supplies in one convenient place – the Fintech portal.

Let’s go over some key benefits of utilizing Fintech’s OneSource® of expanded invoice data processing capabilities.

Simplify Your Vendor Integrations

Fintech accelerates your data integration process for onboarding new and existing trading partners up to 5x faster by removing the tedious implementation process for invoice data ingestion. Send us your vendor network, and we will expedite your data integration connections. Take the burden off your internal resources and let Fintech be your dedicated vendor integration team.

Vendors can either send invoices to Fintech via electronic data interchange (EDI) or use Fintech’s proprietary Invoice Builder tool if they do not have electronic invoicing capabilities. Once captured, we normalize the invoice data and return it through an integration or a daily file.

Integration Made Simple

Manually uploading invoice data and handling paper invoices is a hassle. It also takes up hours of time that could be spent with clients or growing your business. Fintech ingests and consolidates all vendor line-item data and delivers it to the back-office system via integration or a daily file for upload. This saves time by automating invoice data entry and fixing human error caused by manual processes.

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Eliminate Duplicate Payments and Reduce Missing Invoices

There are many things that can affect your P&L. Lost or missing invoices can lead to missing payments and clog up reconciliation. Human error with manual data entry (keying in the wrong figure, missing a decimal, etc.) contributes to higher exception rates and creates more payment discrepancies. Fintech’s seamless integration eliminates manual entry, reducing the risks associated with human error and contributing to lower exception rates.

Increase Cash Flow

Unnecessary labor costs cut into cash flow. Businesses can increase cash flow with the time and cost savings from automating AP processes. Automated invoice data entry eliminates the need to oversee multiple data integrations, reduces time spent on managing exceptions, and consolidates all invoice details and purchase history in one convenient location for you. With this automation, you can decrease labor costs across multiple AP functions, freeing up cash for other areas of the business.

OneSource for All Invoices

Businesses can drive more operational efficiency by centralizing their invoice processing. Fintech’s OneSource creates an invoice processing hub for all vendors that delivers timely and accurate invoice data, eliminates unnecessary labor costs, and helps lower exception rates through the power of automation. With Fintech, businesses gain better visibility and control over their entire invoice database, leading to complete AP optimization.

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