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As a retailer with multiple locations, you know beverage program compliance is key to maintaining the integrity of your business. But with so many locations to manage, manually keeping track of adherence is a daunting task that can leave you feeling like you’re drowning in spreadsheets. What if there was a solution that could automate the process, saving you time and energy, and making you a hero to your customers and staff? 

Introducing Fintech’s beverage program management solution the tool to help you become the hero your business needs. Here are five ways that automating your beverage program monitoring can benefit your business: 


1. Make Informed Decisions  


Gain Insights into Compliance Rates


With automated compliance monitoring, you can gain insights into compliance rates across individual locations, regions, and programs. This makes it easy to identify areas that need improvement, so you can take action to ensure consistency and adherence to your beverage program. No more guessing or relying on incomplete data you’ll have all the information you need to make informed decisions and be a hero to your customers, suppliers, and staff 

For example, one of Fintech’s customers, a large hotel chain, used the solution to identify a compliance issue with a specific brand of beer at one of their locations. By ensuring locations were compliant with the specific brand of beer, they were able to improve customer satisfaction and develop customer loyalty.  


2. Strengthen Relationships with Suppliers  


Negotiate Better Deals


By using spend and 9L equivalence information, you can negotiate better deals and strengthen relationships with your suppliers and marketing agencies. With Fintech’s solution, you’ll know exactly how much you’re spending with each supplier and how many cases you’re purchasing, giving you leverage to negotiate favorable terms. This not only saves you money but also makes you a hero to your finance department. 

For example, one of Fintech’s customers, a large restaurant chain, used the solution to negotiate a better deal with its beer supplier, resulting in savings of over $50,000 per year.   


3. Create a Consistent Customer Experience 


Improve Brand Equity and Customer Loyalty


By correcting behaviors and optimizing programs, you can create a consistent customer experience across all of your locations, improving brand equity and customer loyalty. Fintech’s solution helps you identify areas where your locations are falling short, so you can take action to correct them. This ensures that no matter which location someone visits, they’ll receive the same high-quality experience, making you a hero to your customers. 

For example, one of Fintech’s customers, a large convenience store chain, used the solution to improve their compliance with their beverage program, resulting in a 10% increase in customer satisfaction scores. 


4. Stay Ahead of the Competition  


React to Purchase Trends Faster


You’ll be equipped with all the tools for effective beverage program monitoring, spot issues and trends quickly, take action on these trends, and optimize your program for even greater success. This means you can react to market trends and changes faster than your competitors, giving you a significant advantage in the marketplace. By staying ahead of the competition, you’ll be a hero to your business and stakeholders. 

For example, one of Fintech’s customers, a large hotel chain, used the solution to identify a trend toward craft beers at their locations. By incorporating more craft beers into their beverage program, they were able to stay ahead of the competition and improve customer satisfaction. 


5. Save Time and Redirect Team Efforts to Other Tasks  


Automate Your Process


Automate the process and eliminate the need for manual tasks like data collection and analysis. This saves valuable time and energy and reduces the need for staff to focus on mundane tasks. With Fintech’s solution, you can get more done in less time and focus on other important aspects of your business. By freeing up time and resources, you can be a hero to your team and the company’s bottom line. 

Overall, automating your beverage program monitoring is essential to success in this competitive industry and will make you the hero of your retail business. Streamline your beverage program, save time and energy, and have all the data you need to make informed decisions. To learn more about Fintech’s beverage program management solution, click here.  

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