Front Burner provides financial management services to hospitality businesses.

Managing alcohol invoice payments and reconciliation involves lots of paperwork and tracking for restaurants and bars. However, with the integration of Fintech, a B2B automated alcohol invoice payment solution, and Front Burner, an accounting firm tailored for the hospitality industry, this process becomes much more efficient.

Combining Front Burner’s expert accounting services with Fintech’s automated invoice payments and invoice data insights, hospitality businesses can focus on day-to-day operations. This integration helps bars and restaurants optimize their financial management to make informed decisions that increase profitability.

Let’s dive into how Fintech and Front Burner can help hospitality businesses.

Front Burner’s Personalized Accounting Solutions

Front Burner specializes in accounting solutions for restauranteurs, bar managers, and other hospitality owners. Whether just starting out, flourishing with multiple locations, or struggling to maximize profitability, Front Burner learns your business and develops customized financial solutions while providing expert advice.

Their primary services include accounting (cash handling/tracking/projection, banking, labor & payroll, end-of-month/period, budgets, taxes, etc.), reporting & compliance, software setup & diagnostics, and entrepreneurial start-up. They also have a la carte services like growth preparation, job realignment, additional training, and more.

Centralizing Payment Solutions With Fintech’s PaymentSource

Fintech acts as the central hub for all alcohol invoice payments, consolidating data and transactions into one accessible platform. This centralized approach simplifies the task of managing multiple payments and invoices for Front Burner’s accounting professionals. Its flagship PaymentSource® solution automatically pays alcohol invoices, eliminating the need for cash, checks, money orders, or manual ACH payments. Line-item invoice data is stored for Front Burner to access and monitor bank activity information, view invoice details, and reconcile invoice discrepancies faster.

Enhanced Insights and Cost Management

One of the most significant advantages is the access to detailed invoice data insights provided by Fintech. Front Burner can leverage this information to identify cost variances, pinpoint areas of overspending, and gain a comprehensive overview of financial operations. These insights empower them to make informed decisions to optimize spending and improve financial health.

Seamlessly Integrated Data Transmission

The seamless transmission of alcohol invoice data directly into Fintech is a game-changer for Front Burner. This integration enables easy review and reconciliation of invoices from the past 18 months. This rapid access to historical data significantly expedites the accounting and auditing processes.

Benefits of Third-Party Accounting Services for Hospitality Businesses

Time Efficiency

Outsourcing accounting tasks to a specialized firm like Front Burner saves restaurants and bars valuable time. Instead of allocating internal resources to manage complex financial records, businesses can focus on their core operations while relying on experts to handle their accounting needs efficiently.

Cost Savings

Utilizing a third-party accounting service often proves cost-effective for hospitality businesses. These firms leverage expertise, industry knowledge, and customized processes, reducing the likelihood of financial errors and ensuring compliance to mitigate potential costly repercussions.

Choosing the Right Partners for Financial Success

The integration between Fintech and Front Burner marks a pivotal advancement in the financial operations of restaurants and bars within the hospitality industry. By centralizing alcohol invoice payments, providing detailed insights, ensuring regulatory compliance, and enabling seamless data transmission, this collaboration enhances efficiency, accuracy, and compliance while allowing businesses to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences. Moreover, the utilization of specialized accounting services offers time and cost-saving benefits, freeing up resources for business growth and innovation.

Learn more about Front Burner’s customized accounting solutions here.

You can also read more about how Front Burner uses Fintech to help with hospitality accounting in our Use Case.

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