You already know Fintech for its contributions to optimizing the three-tier system through automated alcohol invoice payments. With Fintech, invoice payments are made on time, every time, and businesses also enjoy seamless line-item data integration into their back-office system. Now, we are excited to bring those time-saving capabilities

Founded in 2017 by Ryan Griffin with partners Blake Thompson and Bill Griffin, Trophy Fish has become a staple in the Tampa Bay community, offering fresh fish and delicious island-inspired cocktails. They recently expanded into Tampa with their 2,000-square-foot Seminole Heights location. The Tampa location shares the building

As a beverage program manager, what’s the key element to effectively assess your multi-locational purchasing activities? It’s none other than, you guessed it, data.  Regardless of the monitoring techniques you use, insight into multi-locational purchasing data empowers your team to:   Understand ordering behaviors   Seamlessly address anomalies  Identify the most competitive

  Beer Serves America, a biennial report prepared for The Beer Institute and the National Beer Wholesalers Association, outlines the economic impact of the beer industry. The brewing industry is an integral part of the national economy, contributing billions of dollars in wages and taxes and creating millions

Shelf placements are an integral part of success bev alc management and perfomance. Learn 5 ways to optimize your placements here.

  Amazon is looking to its Amazon One palm-scanning tech to speed up the alcohol purchase process. No more standing in long lines to buy alcohol. You can now do it with a wave of your hand.   Amazon One’s Journey   Amazon One was officially launched in

  As a beverage retailer, you understand the importance of providing a top-notch and consistent customer experience to your customers – no matter what location they visit. Whether you’re a chain of bars, restaurants, or hotels, your beverage program plays a key role in establishing your brand identity

Stop overlooking sales velocity when building a case for your brand. Why? Because it helps you tell a story – way deeper than just sharing sales growth over time. Make no mistake about it: knowing your sales growth is essential to assess your business/brand health, but it doesn’t

We were recently at Craft Brewers Conference in Nashville to showcase how Fintech and Lilypad power alcohol businesses to Sell More Liquid and build efficiencies that continually grow their margins. Thanks to those in attendance for stopping by our booth to meet with the team and see Fintech’s

As a retailer with multiple locations, you know beverage program compliance is key to maintaining the integrity of your business. But with so many locations to manage, manually keeping track of adherence is a daunting task that can leave you feeling like you’re drowning in spreadsheets. What if

Our friends over at CStore Decisions recently posted a blog discussing how c-stores can integrate automation into their business to “help reallocate labor to more important tasks.” While automation certainly helps address labor shortages, the blog raises some interesting points about how maintaining a “human touch” is essential

Why waste time with manual alcohol management processes when you can be cabrewing in the nice weather? PaymentSource can make it happen.