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Don’t let the thought of alcohol invoices piling up ruin your Halloween! Fintech’s PaymentSource® is the perfect treat that will save you both time and money while also helping you grow and manage your alcohol business like never before.

Time-Saving Sorcery

Wave goodbye to tedious manual tasks and harness the power of automation with PaymentSource. Whether COD (cash-on-delivery) or term payments, be confident in knowing your alcohol invoice payment will be made on time and per the terms of the invoice.

You can also avoid the horrors of manually inputting line-item invoice data through PaymentSource’s integration capability. PaymentSource connects with over 200 back-office systems to transmit line-item data seamlessly, making reconciliation a breeze.

Use all the time saved to brew up new Halloween-themed concoctions for your business. Or perhaps you can use the time to do some trick-or-treating of your own!

Money-Making Enchantments

Watch your profits rise like ghosts out of the grave with PaymentSource’s reporting tools. These tools help eliminate costly errors and inefficiencies that haunt your bottom line. PaymentSource’s automation eliminates the risk of human error from keying in the wrong line-item data or misplacing a paper invoice. It also saves money on having to hire someone for lengthy, manual admin work. These enchanting automations will ensure your transactions flow smoothly, eliminating any financial scare.

Bewitching Knowledge and Insights

Unlock the hidden secrets of your alcohol business with PaymentSource’s mystical analytics and reporting tools. Discover the purchasing patterns of your wickedly loyal customers and uncover trends that will guide your growth strategies through the power of PaymentSource’s Cost Variance report, Top Products Report, Split Case Report, and more!

Spellbinding Compliance Powers

Navigating alcohol payments and regulations can be a nightmare, but fret not! PaymentSource is designed with compliance in mind, ensuring all invoice terms are met and payments are made within state regulations. Fintech also has a dedicated regulatory department that keeps up with the latest legal and regulatory developments in the bev alc market. Ward off any spirits of non-compliance that may haunt your business with Fintech!

Hex-Proof Security

PaymentSource weaves a protective spell around your transactions. Our platform is 100% secure and meets industry standards of SOC 1 certification to protect client information. You can learn more about our security here.

Conjure Success on All Hallow’s Eve With PaymentSource

Embrace the Halloween spirit of spookiness and transformation by scaring off costly errors and inefficiencies to transform your business into a fine-tuned machine with PaymentSource! PaymentSource can be your witch’s broom, helping you soar above the competition and conjure success like never before.

If you dare to venture into the realm of PaymentSource, learn more here or fill out the form below.

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